Welcome to the gateway of misery and pain

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Yeah... I found this site on Google in summer of 06'or something around there and didn't make an account (that didn't involve an 8 year old hijacking my computer 9_9) until maybe mid-July (of 07', to not be confused). I don't particularly like or dislike anything in Halo really, the aliens are different, the humans are dying and only have one hope and what not in this huge walking tank, so nothing really different there too much.

As far as real life goes, my ego exploded way back when and my sense of humour crawled under a rock and died too. I don't do any sort of sport or hobby, pretty much just wake up, sit on the computer for a few hours, do school work, watch tv, go to bed at 5am and repeat.
And as for this wiki, I haven't really done much because I can't: I use dial-up; one of the slowest possible internet connections. I am an op in the channel for it, but it doesn't matter much to me really. If you need any help (which I doubt from me but still), just ask and bug me until I either tell you to go away or answer you (that's not a threat either).
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