We will rip there skulls from there spins, and toss 'em away, laughning!!!!

                                     -Sergent Johnson

About MeEdit

This is an extended version of whats on my profile. Hi my names Phil, or Philip I really don't care what you call just as long as its not insulting. As you can see I love both Eltes and Humans in the Halo universe. I came across Halopedia while googling "halo history" months later I made this profile. I live in America on Earth, in the Midwest region of the U.S. I wish to keep my exact location secret.

I unfortuntly don't have live a 360 or Halo 3! But I'm working on getting those things. So don't ask me to play live with you cause I cant!!!!!

If you do want to have a conversation with me about more personal things I WILL talk but I may get touchy.

When I'm bored I usually read, watch T.V., play a game, read a damn book, or do something with my friends. I also listen to my music which is usually Gothic shit, but I'm not.

Heres meh sig: Happyhobo-117 The Guy

When it comes to gameplay I'm alright at multiplayer, but I'm pretty good at Campaign. Below are the levels I've beaten:

Halo CE: Halo 2:

  • Pillar of Autemn: Easy, Normal, Herioc, Legendary *Cairo Station: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • Halo: Easy, Normal, Herioc, Legendary *Outskirts: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • Truth and Reconciliation: Easy, Normal, Herioc *Metropolis: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • The Silent Cartogropher: Easy, Normal, Herioc Legendary *The Arbiter: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • Assault on the Control Room:Easy, Normal, Herioc *Oracle: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • 343 Guilty Spark: Easy, Normal, Herioc *Delta Halo: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • The Library: Easy, Normal *Regert: Easy Normal, Herioc
  • Two Betrayls: Easy, Normal, Herioc *Sacred Icon: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • Keyes: Easy, Normal, Herioc *Quaretine Zone: Easy, Normal, Herioc
  • The Maw: Easy, Normal, Herioc *Gravemind: Easy, Normal, Herioc
                                                                    *Uprising: Easy, Normal, Herioc
                                                                    *High Charity: Easy, Normal Herioc
                                                                    *The Great Journey: Easy, Normal, Herioc

My nameEdit

Many people ask about my anme here and I absoloutly hate it. I like Elites but I am more into Spartans, I was named this by accident and I played along for a while but please call me Phil, Philip, or most preferabley Happyhobo-117 my alias.

More StuffEdit

Heres some more stuff about me below

Games- Halo series, Starwars, COD, GTA, old crap that isn't as common any more

Country- The United States of America

State- Wouldn't you like to know?

Religion- Im a Catholic, Christian

Sports- I love them! I race bikes, play football with my brother, love to watch Baseball and Football. Too bad Im no good at them though lol except BMX and airoft wars but football and baseball are better. I hate soccor

Books- Too many to count

Movies- Same as books

Music- Well I like quite a bit, but my most favorite bands are Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, The Offspring, Nickleback, and Seether.

Cause' we're the Infantry! And God loves the Infantry, Private!

                    -Sergent Glen Hawkins, from Call of Duty: Big Red One

Guest BookEdit

Sign my page if your visiting or are friend.

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