Neptune and Triton

This my logo, major planet Neptune and its retrogade moon Triton

About MeEdit

I am a Singaporean, Asian. From the country Singapore, part of Asia, SouthEast Asia. I have played Halo since February 2007, Halo 2's Multiplayer in school with friends. In March 2007 I got my hands on a 2nd-hand Halo: CE, so then I got Halo 2 in June later that year, and Halo 3 when it was launched. But I actually only got my Xbox 360 for H3 in April 2008. I was one of the first few people around the world who laid our hands on Halo Wars the day it was released in Asia, 26 February 2009. Although I ended my school at 3pm, by the time I returned home at like 5pm, I immediately bath and started playing Halo 3: ODST 5 hours straight on the day of ODST's release, September 22nd 2009. Currently, I am hoping Halo: Reach's release date doesn't fall on a day where I have to take my examinations.

On Halopedia, I visit daily, and though I may like to add speculative (Though not heavy on it) and slightly irrelevant pictures or info into articles, I always try my best to add in whatever I think it is neccessary for that particular article. I came to Halopedia in mid-2007, but officially joined only in December 2007. Nowdays, with schooling and work, I still visit almost daily, though the only things I edit are the more crucial articles, and currently, it will be the upcoming game Halo: Reach based ones. I help the adminstrators to remove unofficially or leaked but unconfirmed info about Halo: Reach. I focus more on those articles because I deem them more important, as newcomers or other visitors will mostly want more info about that on Halopedia, as of 2010. Looking at my history, you may think I can apply for Administration, aka RfA, but no, as the reason is simple: I don't have the time and responsibility to do so. As I said earlier, Halo: Reach is my main focus as of now.

Favourite Maps/MissionsEdit

Halo: Combat Evolved: I like the Campaign missions The Truth and Reconciliation, Assault on the Control Room, Two Betrayals and The Maw alot. As for Multiplayer, it would the popular Blood Gulch, Battle Creek, Chill Out, Hang 'Em High, Prisoner and Sidewinder for me.

Halo 2: I like the Campaign missions Delta Halo, Quarantine Zone, Gravemind and Uprising because they truly felt Halo, and alien. For Multiplayer, it would the popular remakes, Coagulation and Beaver Creek, as well as popular Lockout, Midship, Foundation and Ascension maps. *Note: I never played Xbox Live on the original Xbox, so I had no access to the Halo 2 DLCs.

Halo 3: Disliked the Campaign more than the first two, but the likable ones for me are Tsavo Highway, The Ark and The Covenant. For the Multipayer side, including all the Halo 3 DLCs, they will be Valhalla, Halo: CE remakes Cold Storage and Avalanche, Halo 2 remakes Blackout and Heretic, Longshore, Citadel, High Ground, Guardian, Construct and Rat's Nest.

Halo Wars: Don't bother even asking how I wasted dozens of dollars on this game.

Halo 3: ODST: Missions I like, albeit short: Uplift Reserve, Kizingo Boulevard, NMPD HQ and Kikiowani Station. For Firefight, it would be Lost Platoon, Security Zone, Chasm Ten and Rally Point (Night).

Halo: Reach: I hated the Campaign because there wasn't any "epic" vehicular battles. Kidding aside: Nightfall, Tip of the Spear, Long Night of Solace, and New Alexandria. I am sure you will agree. :)

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