aka Jason

  • I live in Sacramento
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Bastard
  • I am Male
  • *sigh* "And the day was going so well for a minute there. OK, time to move on to plan... what are we on now? Plan Q?" -- Jason-013, during the Battle of Earth

Thanks to User: Karl-591 for the Achievement and Character Templates! DefiantHeretic (talk) 08:45, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Designated Marksman Rifle This user loves the M392 DMR.
M6C SOCOM This user loves the M6S.

H2A Multiplayer - Suppressed SMG This user loves the Silenced SMG.
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle This user loves the BR55HB SR Battle Rifle.

HR Render M45 This user loves the M45 Shotgun of Halo: Reach.
Type-31 Rifle This user loves the Needle Rifle.

Sabre-class Starfighter Angle1 This user loves the YSS-1000 Sabre Starfighter.
Trouble This user approves genocide of Brutes

Xbox logo This user has the Xbox Live gamertag DefiantHeretic.
This user would have been your daddy, but a dog beat him over the fence!
USA This user lives in the United States of America.

Male This user is male.

49ers logo small This user is forever faithful to the Niners.
Det This user is a fan of the Detroit Red Wings!
Anarchy This user is an anarchist.

Atheism This user is an atheist.

4990 Gamerscore

My Achievements
Halo 3 Fear the Pink Mist achievementIron skull achievementMission 1 completed achievementBlack Eye skull achievementMission 2 completed achievementMission 3 completed achievementMission 4 completed achievementMission 5 completed achievementHeadshot Honcho achievementMission 6 completed achievementToo Close to the Sun achievementMission 7 completed achievementTiltskullMission 8 completed achievementMission 9 completed achievementCampaign Normal completed achievementMarathonmanMythic skull achievementUp Close and Personal achievementGraduate achievement8988Longshore skull achievementCitadel skull achievement84Heretic skull achievementBrainpan achievementTough Luck skull achievementCatch skull achievementFog skull achievementFamineskullThunderstorm skull achievement7 on 7 achievementHeroicGuerilla achievementLegendaryDemon achievementUsed Car Salesman achievement
Halo 3: ODST Heal Up achievementDark Times achievementTourist achievementJunior Detective achievementBoom, Headshot achievementListener achievementTrading Down achievementTayari Plaza achievementUplift Reserve achievementTuned In achievementGumshoe achievementEwww, Sticky achievementKizingo Boulevard achievementWraith Killer achievementHeadcase achievementLaser Blaster achievementONI Alpha Site achievementDome Inspector achievementNMPD HQ achievementSuper Sleuth achievementKikowani Station achievementGood Samaritan achievementI Like Fire achievementData Hive achievementCoastal Highway achievementCampaign Complete Normal achievementPink and Deadly achievementMy Clothes! achievementNaughty Naughty achievementStunning achievementCampaign Complete Heroic achievementBoth Tubes achievementAll Ears achievementBe Like Marty achievement
Halo: Reach Reach Achievement 11Reach Achievement 05Reach Achievement 07Reach Achievement 29Reach Achievement 06Reach Achievement 41Reach Achievement 13Reach Achievement 22Reach Achievement 42Reach Achievement 19Reach Achievement 43Reach Achievement 10Reach Achievement 44Reach Achievement 45Reach Achievement 46Reach Achievement 24Reach Achievement 47Reach Achievement 48Reach Achievement 49NormalReach Achievement 08Reach Achievement 21Reach Achievement 38Reach Achievement 36Reach Achievement 17Reach Achievement 16YesReach Achievement 37Reach Achievement 26Reach Achievement 27Reach Achievement 20Reach Achievement 35Reach Achievement 15Reach Achievement 39Reach Achievement 40Reach Achievement 32Reach Achievement 14Reach Achievement 34Reach Achievement 25HeroicReach Achievement 31Reach Achievement 12Reach Achievement 33Reach Achievement 30LegendaryBoth Barrels
Halo Wars S1Momma's Boy AchievementAlas Poor Andrew Thomas AchievementEndless Fun AchievementCovenant Hot Drop AchievementHalo Wars Ice Warriors achievementThe Real Winner AchievementRhino Hugger AchievementRamblin' Man AchievementS3Sweet Naptime AchievementBatten down the hatches achievementS4Beaming With Pride AchievementDidn't Get To Second Base AchievementThinkin' About my Doorbell AchievementS5 fixedWalk-off Winner AchievementMicro Manager AchievementCrushed Colors AchievementThe Procrastinator AchievementHandy With Tools AchievementGraverobber AchievementOwn Worst Enemy AchievementMy Virtual Friends Love Me AchievementHalo Academic Achievement2 bugs are better than 1 AchievementPlayin' The Field AchievementEpic Grinder AchievementHalo Historian AchievementGallivant Around the Galaxy AchievementEmpire Builder achievement24 hours of Quality AchievementNever leave a Man behind AchievementBig Al's Scooter AchievementPenny Pincher AchievementTour coming throughLiving Loving Bug AchievementFreak on a Streak AchievementPull Hard, Pull Deep Achievement
Halo: CEA What have we herePillar of Autumn (achievement)Looks like the OddballStandard Operating BrocedureHalo (achievement)Close Quarters CombatTruth and Reconciliation (achievement)The Silent Cartographer (achievement)Skulls TakenI'll Be Taking ThatHeavy ReadingAssault on the Control Room (achievement)No-Fly Zone343 Guilty Spark (achievement)The Library (achievement)Two Betrayals (achievement)Keyes (achievement)Dear DiaryThe Maw (achievement)Birth of a SpartanTsantaBrovershieldBro HammerWalk it OffOvershields are for SissiesHe’s Unstoppable!How PedestrianPopcornGrenadier (achievement)Wraith HunterHeadhunter (achievement)
Halo 4 H4Achievement18H4Achievement01H4Achievement43H4Achievement42H4Achievement30H4Achievement26H4Achievement39H4Achievement41H4Achievement36H4Achievement44H4Achievement16H4Achievement02H4Achievement03H4Achievement27H4Achievement04H4Achievement05H4Achievement32H4Achievement33H4Achievement37H4Achievement31H4Achievement13H4Achievement14H4Achievement49H4Achievement48H4Achievement47H4Achievement46H4Achievement45H4Achievement34H4Achievement38H4Achievement06H4Achievement24H4Achievement07H4Achievement25H4Achievement08H4Achievement09H4Achievement28H4Achievement17H4Achievement23H4Achievement10H4Achievement15H4Achievement40H4 Hat TrickH4 From DowntownH4 Protect This HouseH4 Pitchin a TentH4Achievement29H4Achievement11H4 One Man ArmyH4 Cant Catch Me

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