This is Donut THX 1138. I'm a human male with varying interests, ranging from law to computers. As all can tell, i love Halo. It's my favorite game. I actually bought an Xbox just to play Halo. I had tried it with my cousin, then i had to have more! Ever since I've been addicted to Halo. As many here know, i spend a lot of my time at Halopedia. Creating new templates and improving countless articles. I've been nominated for Halopedian of the Month and for the Halopedia Fan Art Committee. I'm also the founder and leader of the Covenant of Halopedia.

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Donut THX 1138's Accounts
Halopedia Donut THX 1138 (member)
Halo Fanon Donut THX 1138 (admin)
Gears of War Donut THX 1138 (member)
House Donut THX 1138 (member)
Half-Life Donut THX 1138 (bureaucrat)
Rainbow Six Donut THX 1138 (admin)
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