About the FOTEEdit

I'm a raving lunitic with anger problems and i can't spell, but i can play football and halo i consider those two my driving force that keep me from releasing my anger in other fashions like on people i also have a highly over active imagenation if your on the chats you should know what im talking about


The FOTE is here is he not isn't that all that matters

The FOTE in Halo 3Edit

I play halo alot and i'm pretty good to but sadly my playing style prevents me from being better I don't seem to care wether I live or die just as long as I take some one with me this usually results with me having the shortest life usually in a 4 vs 4 it's about 20 seconds in a Free For All it's about 15 sconds but in my short life i get more done then most people do throughout the whole game with a kill to death ratio of 3.5 per death

The FOTE in real lifeEdit

Well football season is over so all I do now is play halo so there you go.

FOTE Quote of the DayEdit

"Serving the Emperor for 125 years can take a lot out of a man all the death and torment can only be bared so long i feel that soon i will snap..." FistofthEmperor on eternal servatude

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please comment my stories and dayly quotes here

Sounds like the Zealots in RVB.-TheDevilMayCry 22:20, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

My Last Game of Halo 2 Edit

Players| Place | Kills | Deaths | Life Expectincy | Head Shots | Accuracy  
Blaze  | 1st   | 25    | 25     | 32 seconds      | 5          | 32%
Fang   | 2nd   | 25    | 30     | 15 seconds      | 5          | 25%
Ace    | 3rd   | 24    | 20     | 35 seconds      | 10         | 40%

It was the funniest game of my life the only reason I lost was because I got one suicide

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