Hello, I'm GEARS. The murderer himself. I truly enjoy the pain of others, or death. I normally slaughter people over live, using Brute weapons, and punching their stupid bodies to obliteran.Smiling at my enemies in a evil manner.("You can tell this guy a bad child hood." "Ya Think?")

I guess this is cool. Click on the eggs and baby Drags.

I'm also an Admin of Unreal Wiki. Please contribute there, it would mean alot.

Ranks in CoH I've obtained Edit





About me Edit

I'm __ years old and have three dogs, a Pom. and two Labs. One Lab is a puppy, and is black, while the other is soon to be a year old, and is brown. My Pom is brown and white and is one.I have a girl friend, her name is ____ _______.I like to hunt, play sports, and work out. I'm not over weight but I am a bit chubby(damn video games!), and have a crossed personality.(I act different around my family."Hey, remmember when you sold the car?" "Yeah that was..." *Mom walks in* "What are you taliking about, Man, I never did that, it was stolen, huh mom?")

UT3 Edit

If u have Unreal Tournament 3, or other Unreal games, join Uneal Wiki. I'm the Admin there, and know it seriously needs help. If u can't find me, contact ATP2555 II.

Gamertag Edit

My friend recently(A few weeks back.) gave me his Tag, egore11. I'm currently a Major Grade 2. I earned the rank. He was a Sgt. Grade 3, I got the rest. I recently got Overkill, I know have all armors, The armors I earned are all the Elite, I think Rogue, Hayabusa, Security, Katana, EVA, EOD, I think Mark V, And whatever. I currently wear:




Colors vary.

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