Hello. I am Grunt minion22. Someone that you will propblaly hear a lot form on blogs and messages. If you want to send me a message, feel free too, as I am heavly on most of time.

I was part of CoH (covenant of halopedia) which is a group in halopedia lead by halodude, EwCdauble419, and Specopps366. it is about editing and improving covenant pages in halopedia. It is now disbanned, along with all of the other user groups starting on July 19th, 2009.

I did managed to beat every level in all 3 halo games on legendary. They weren't really that hard, except for halo 2 that having you shields down in there means instant death, but i beat it netherless...after dying almost 100 times...

Halo Wars is out and it is kick ass. I like the way how this game turns in terms of gameplay and story, as it gets us more involved in the Halo universe and also reveals more things, such as the Flood on another world, but the Halo 1 canon still remains canon because the ending. The Controls make this game an instant success for an RTS on a Consoul and it is easy to understand and get the hang of it.

History in Halopedia Edit

So your interested in learning about my history about me in Halopedia? Alright, time for me to tell you a story, *groans*.

So I started this account sometime in March 2008, being very interested in Halo and all of its stuff about it, and focused on sharing my experenices in the Halo games with others in this website.

Unfortuninatlly, like most new users, I got in the habit of making a fanon profile of my charater in my UserWiki page, though a user box (until recently) about your charater is accepted, unless you have two of them, or post information that is completely unbelievable and ridciouless. (such as a grunt dual-wielding two SMGs. Seriously, GTFO)

I removed much of the fanon stuff a few weeks shortly after I relized my mistake, but I got in the habit of making up a fictional Covenant-flood war with a few buddies of mine, just sending private or public messages to each other, letting our imagination fly. However, this kind of stuff is not allowed in this site, as Commander Tony edventually took note of this and banned all of us for this for about 3 months, but oddly, he spared me from his wrath.

And so now I am still in Halopedia, friendly conversting about stuff, (mostly halo-related but not fanon) editting articals to fit more in the way that they should, or fixing mistakes made by others, such as one person putting that one specific map that was 2vs2 map, but he put it down as a 1vs1.

Now the motto of the story: don't start fanon crap in this site, or you will end up like my buddies who got banned. There is a site for this Fanon stuff, but it isn't here.

Friends Edit

If your one of my Friends, feel free to sign below.

Nice page, dude. PAR

Greetings, comrade. Zuka 'Anthanee


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