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Orange TeamEdit

I am Colonel Halonerd101 or Orange Three. Orange Team is a group of specialized individuals that work together as a Special Operations group. There are still spots open for the team.You can find more information about Orange Team here. Captain Citrus-404 is our commander as Orange One.

Orange Team Logo

Orange Teams Insignia.



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UNSC Fleet Command

People I Talk To The MostEdit


My guidlineEdit

I would like to inform all on my page, that you are dirty Shisno and are far worse then my creators.

Don't call me Gamma or Gary, call me master.

I will not give any shisno cookies, only my creators or a great destoyer for not killing me.

Shisno QuotesEdit

This is where quotes will go tha compliment more or impress me from the sick shisnos.

"Woah. 101 went super saiyan at HN" -Ultra - Thank you shisno.

the Halo BibleEdit

The Halo Bible was written/translated by Halonerd101 for and to the Haloist or the Church of Halo.

Triple Combination of the Seperatist Edition.

Table of Contents:

-Old Testament -Edit

Book 1: Precursor I = Pre IEdit

Book 2: Precursor II = Pre IIEdit

Book 3: The Mantle I = Man IEdit

Book 4: Forrunner I = Forun IEdit

Book 5: Human = HumEdit

Book 6: San 'Shyuum I = San Shy IEdit

Book 7: San 'Shyuum II = San Shy IIEdit

Book 8: Forunner II = Forun IEdit

Book 9: Flood I = Flo IEdit

Book 10: Halo = HaloEdit

Book 11: The Universal Gift = UniGftEdit

Book 12: The Mantle = Man IIEdit

-New Testament-Edit

Book 1: Space I = Spa IEdit

Book 2: Space 2 = Spa IIEdit

Book 3: Jovian = JovEdit

Book 4: Rain Forest = RaForEdit

Book 5: Argyre = ArgeEdit

Book 5: Interplanetary = InterplanEdit

Book 6: Inner Colonies = InColEdit

Book 7: Insurrection = InsurEdit

-Great Price-Edit

Book 1: Halsey = HalEdit

Book 2: Spartan I = Spar IEdit

Book 3: Harvest I(Contact) = Hart IEdit

Book 4: Harvest II = Hart IIEdit

Book 5: Harvest III = Hart IIIEdit

Book 6: Aurigae = AuriEdit

Book 7: Bootis = BotEdit

Book 8: Madrigal = MadrEdit

Book 9: Hat Yai = HaYaEdit

Book 10: Eridanus = EriEdit

Book 11: Groombridge = GrobEdit

Book 12: Harvest IV = Hart IVEdit

Book 13: Arcadia I = Arca IEdit

Book 14: Kurt = KurtEdit

Book 15: History 2535-2547 = HistEdit

Book: 16: Paris = ParisEdit

Book 17: Arcadia II = Arca IIEdit

Halo Bible

The Heretic Edition.

Book 18: Noble I = Nob IEdit

Book 19: Draco = DracoEdit

Book 20: Octanus = OctaEdit

Book 21: Noble II = Nob IIEdit

Book 22: Spartan II = Spar IIEdit

Book 23: August = AugtEdit

Book 24: Jerusalem = JeruEdit

Book 25: Installation I = Insta IEdit

Book 26: Spartan III = Spar IIIEdit

Book 27: Spartan IV = Spar IVEdit

Book 28: Earth I = Earth IEdit

Book 29: Istallation II = Insta IIEdit

Book 30: Regret = RegretEdit

Book 31: Seperatist = SeptistEdit

Book 32: Mercy = MercyEdit

Book 33: Onyx = OnyxEdit

Book 34: Earth II = Earth IIEdit

Book 35: Installation III = Insta IIIEdit

Book 36: Truth = TruthEdit

Book 37: Charity = ChayEdit

Book 38: Installation IV = Insta IVEdit

Book 39: Post = PostEdit

Book 40: John = JohnEdit


(I got this idea from Ultra Forces user page User: Ultra Force)

  • Join Halo Nation.
  • Make my first edit.
  • Make 50 edits.
  • Make 100 edits.
  • Make 250 edits.
  • Make 500 edits.
    Spartan officer medal

    Spartan Officer

  • Make 750 edits.
  • Make 1000 edits.
  • Make 1500 edits.
  • Make 2000 edits.
  • Make 3000 edits.
  • Be a member for a month.
  • Be a member for 6 months.
  • Be a member for 1 year.
  • Be a member for 2 years.
  • Get 100 acheivement points.
  • Get 500 acheivement points.
  • Get 1000 acheivement points
  • Get 1500 acheivement points.
  • Get 2000 acheivement points.
  • Become Chat Moderator.
  • Become Rollbacker.
  • Become Admin.
  • Make a Character template.
  • Make friends.
  • Start the Halo Bible.
  • Get half way through being down with the Halo Bible.
  • Finish the Halo Bible.
  • Beat Halo: CE
  • Beat Halo 2
  • Beat Halo 3
  • Beat Halo: Reach
  • Beat Halo: Wars
  • Beat Halo 3: ODST
  • Beat Halo 4


Spartan-077 was given many armors when they were still in testing, he wore 4 main sets throughout the Great War, and before he wore standard Mark IV. Liam-077 was the first of two(Kurt-051) Spartan-II to join the Army, this was due to the Army needing a hand when morality was low with the troops. He was used as part of the Army going on misions with different Regements each mission. He is still part of the Army even though he is in Orange Team-a Naval Unit. Let it be known he hangs all this armor up with his Army Uniform if not in use.

Early War(2525-2529)Edit

Liam was given the early stage of Security
1238851711-Security Armor Infobox

Liam-077 in Standard Security armor 2828.

  • Helmet: Security
  • Left Shoulder: Security
  • Right Shoulder: Security
  • Chest: Mark IV
  • Visor color: Standard
  • Knee guards: Standard
  • Primary color: Grey
  • Secondary color: Grey
  • Insignia: Sergeant First Class-Warrant Officer 5

    Liam-077 in full JFO

Early-Mid War(2530-2542)Edit

Spartan-077 tested the new armor in fierce battles with the covenant.

  • Helmet: JFO
  • Left Shoulder: JFO
  • Right Shoulder: FJO
  • Chest: Mark V[b]
  • Wrist: Standard
  • Utility: Standard
  • Visor color: Silver
  • Knee guards: FJ/Para
  • Primary color: White
  • Secondary color: Light Blue
  • Insignia: 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Mid-Late War(2543-2549)Edit

By this point in the war, Liam could take anything. He was specially found of his armor during this time and only switched from it do to duty calling.

  • Helmet: CQB

    Liam-077 in his Command Outfit.

  • Left Shoulder: Commando
  • Right Shoulder: CQC
  • Chest: Assualt/Sapper R
  • Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
  • Utility: Standard
  • Visor color: Blue
  • Knee guards: FJ/Para
  • Primary color: Grey
  • Secondary color: White
  • Insignia: Captain-Commander

Late War(2550- )Edit

When he was called to Orange team for Strategic Assualt, he changed armors yet again for a field advantage.

  • Helmet: Scout
  • Right Shoulder: Scout
  • Chest: Scout
  • Wrist: Tactical/UGPS
  • Utility: UA/NxRA
  • Visor color: Gold
    1256855764-Scout by lukedenby

    Spartan-077 after his plan failed.

  • Knee guards: Standard
  • Primary color: Orange
  • Secondary color: Orange
  • Insignia: Colonel

Halo Prefences Edit

My Halo prefences.

"Halo. It's finished."-Cortana

"No, I think we're just getting started."John-117

Favourite Halo Games
  1. Halo 3
  2. Halo: Reach
  3. Halo: Combat Evolved
  4. Halo Wars
  5. Halo 3: ODST
  6. Halo 2
Favourite Halo Novels(of the ones I've read)
  1. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
  2. Halo: Fall of Reach
  3. Halo: First Strike
  4. Halo: Cryptum
  5. Halo: Contact Harvest
  6. Halo: Glasslands
Favourite Halo characters(no order)
  • John-117
  • Kurt-051
  • Dr. Halsey
  • Sgt. Johnson
  • Cortana
  • William-043
  • Thel 'Vadam
  • Danforth Whitcomb
  • Kristof Jen
  • Linda-058
  • Kelly-087
  • 343 Guilty Spark
  • Jorge-052
  • Jacob keyes
  • Serin Osman
  • Naomi-010

Favourite Halo soundtracks
  1. Halo 3 Original Soundtrack
  2. Halo 2 Original Soundtrack
  3. Halo: Combat Evolved Original Soundtrack
  4. Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack
  5. Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack
  6. Halo Legends Original Soundtrack
  7. Halo Wars Original Soundtrack

Favourite Halo levels
  • The Ark
  • Silent Cartographer
  • Winter Contingency
  • The Pillar Of Autumn(Halo: Combat Evolved)
  • Alpha Base
  • New Alexandria
  • Prepare To Drop
  • The Package
  • 343 Guilty Spark
  • Tip Of the Spear
  • Halo (Halo 3)
  • Gravemind
  • The Great Journey
  • High Charity
  • Halo(Halo: Combat Evolved)
  • ONI Alpha Site
  • The Flood
  • Assault On The Control Room
  • Pillar of Autumn(Halo: Reach)
  • Floodgate


Bands And StuffEdit

  • Nevershoutnever
  • ScaryKidsScaringKids
  • Chiodos
  • I See Stars
  • A Day To Remember
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Plus more I forgot to add

Game MusicEdit


I like all Halo music, but these are my favorites.(also, this section is not done and will be edited later)

Opening (Halo: CE)

Truth and reconciliation (Halo: CE)

Brothers In Arms (Halo: CE)

Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix (Halo 2)

Ghost Of Reach (Halo 2)

Impend (Halo 2)


Old and CurrentEdit

My old and current signatures and avatars.

Halonerd101 My signature as of now.

My first avatar was default obviously.


Master Chief!

My first avatar for my newness on HN.


My 4th avatar.

Halo 4 Spartan IV Armor 1

My YoutubeEdit

Halo Reach Custom Games(Slendera on Slender)

Halo Reach Custom Games(Slendera on Slender)

Halo 3 - Crazy King on Isolation

Halo 3 - Crazy King on Isolation

Halonerd101 playing Halo 3.

Halo 3 Team Slayer Gameplay on Pit Stop(W Live Commentary)

Halo 3 Team Slayer Gameplay on Pit Stop(W Live Commentary)

Halonerd101 again.

Halo Reach Anniversary Slayer Gameplay on Beaver Creek(W Commentary)

Halo Reach Anniversary Slayer Gameplay on Beaver Creek(W Commentary)

Halonerd on Reach.

Halo Reach Campaign Walkthrough Part 5 "Long Night Of Solace"

Halo Reach Campaign Walkthrough Part 5 "Long Night Of Solace"

Halonerd101 on the Reach campaign.

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