My Halo FavoritesEdit


  • Campaign.
Halo: Combat Evolved
I found the campaign was the best in this one, I loved the others, but this ones campaign was more... compelling?
  • Gameplay
Halo 3.
Well, once again, I enjoyed the others, but halo 3 really has some awesome gameplay... all the new features and the battles are awesome.
  • Multiplayer
Halo 3
Forge, great maps, great customization, forge.


  • 1)Fall of Reach
  • 2)Ghosts of Onyx
  • 3)Contact Harvest
  • 3)Cole Protocol
  • 4)First Strike
  • 5)The Flood, Dietz ruined it.

Ships: (No order)

  • Pillar of Autumn
  • Covenant ships, they just have some nice shapes.
  • Forward unto Dawn
  • Aegis Fate (Looks awesome on sandtrap XD)
  • In Amber Clad
  • Marathon class cruisers.
I like humans ships for their... utilitarian looks, that industrial get the job done look, covenant cause of the alien appeal, and forerunner because of the statues, monument style look.


In games, Elites, and some in the Books.
Games and Books - Spartans.
ODSTs!!! I love ODSTs
And grunts cause they're kinda cute.
Oh and hunters, they're just ossum. Although like the brute hammer chieftains, I love toying with them in campaign and firefight.

My experimentsEdit

So, in here, I'll just mention my current experiments in Halo 3 Forge ;D

Main experimentsEdit

Player Geo-Merging.
Yeah, I'm merging players into the ground... trying to do it without them dying. It also can be turned into a nice big superbounce...
I can get them partial way into ground, if theye move or are touched though, they will rocket out of the ground at amazing velocities.
So far they get hall of mirrors effect underground, and then after a few seconds/minutes, die.
Movable item Merging.
Into Eachother and into the ground. An ODST Barricade HEV... that doesn't break up and kill you on impact? So far, I've been killed by spasming objects - 205 times.
I'm thinking of giving this one up as a bad joke.
Success! I got it to work, if not perfectly, it is working in a basic manner, although neve rpositioned quite right... but at least they stick together.

Lesser ExperimentsEdit

Merging players into objects
Almost perfected it :) for immobile objects... mobile ones tend to kill the player.
Merging vehicles into objects and vehicles.
Failure after failure... my tanks fall through the ground or destroy the map... my hogs vanish, Although hornets work on tube pieces and Open containers.


Elite Councillors

Here you can talk.


Prophet of Objection

Here you can rant and rave

Who else is sick of people changing things that don't need changing????? I sure as hell am! DarkbelowHGR CommbandD 06:50, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Issues in Halo universeEdit

I quite like how they set it, with humans have utilitarian, basic systems, but a couple of things don't add up.

After all, we now have lightbending technology, and while it can't be used by people because of issues in weight, shape and heat, five hundred years in the future? WE'll probably have it.


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