Jasca Ducato

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • My occupation is Brand and Marketing Manager
  • I am Male

Hello all. My name is Jasca Ducato, and many of you may well of heard of me, or even know me. I'm somewhat infamous I believe for my deletionism and short fuse and, giving the chance, will exploit the rules. I'm a user on Wikipedia, Wookieepedia and most commonly, Star Wars Fanon.

On Star Wars Fanon I created the rather expansive Sith Order of Decreto storyline, with my flagship article being Darth Abeonis.

A keen author, artist and a man of great imagination, I often find myself making up stories in my mind when i'm bored, mixing influences from both Star Wars, Halo and Star Trek and creating complex stories, which often become too detailed or short lived to document. My latest story is that about the SPARTAN IV, SPARTAN-059: Shae, which is set on March third, 2403 ABY.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask on my talk page either here, or on Star Wars Fanon.

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