• I live in the underground superstructure of Delta Halo
  • My occupation is the governing intelligence of a race of parasitic lifeforms bent on the consumption of all sentient life in the galaxy
  • I am a monument to all your sins


Hello. I am Jedijam91. In case my name didn't tip you off to the fact, I am also a Star Wars fan. In fact Star Wars is the only thing that I like more than Halo. Transformers comes in third place on the list. I also have profiles on Teletraan 1 and Wookiepedia.

Halo ExperienceEdit

I have every Halo game released. I love Forge and I regularly make new maps. Invasion (now Dominion) maps are my specialty. I also like to make maps of prominent Covenant and UNSC ships (not to scale) that can be played on as a multiplayer map.


I also like epic/humorous pictures and shall show them off to everyone on my page. (See Below) Also, I try to make Halo Nation the most comprehensive, and grammatically correct, source for Halo, which it currently is, so don't be a Troll and violate the pages for fun. By the way. Just to let everyone know. The cake is a lie.


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