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the three greatest species Edit

In my opinion the 4 greatest species are the Humans, Jiralhanae (brutes), Sangheili (elites) and the Prophets and to see why I think this read the following bellow.

Sangheili (elites)Edit

The sanghelil or elites as they are more commonly known are at my personal number one


there fast, agile, strong and cunning warriors.

But the main reason I have chosen them as my number one is because of there strong sense of honour and there extremely high level of pride.

Another reason I have chosen the elites to be my number one is because of there in-depth ranking system.

Jiralhanae (Brutes) Edit

The Jiralhanae or brutes come in at number two mainly because of there competitive underhand ways there entire species are the embodiment of the stereotype villain.

XBW49.prev halo3.chieftan--screenshot large

And although not as much is known about there culture and society compared to the elites what I have seen so far I like there need to be the best there desire to fight is an inspiration. Like the geezer said in Et Tu Brute? They are the barbarians in Rome.

Human Edit

Halo 1 and 2 Humans are in my opinion great and come in at my number 3. they almost never panic accept for that marine in H1 the flood survivor with the hand gun.

And in H2 say some pretty funny stuff.

also humans are highly adaptible and have great survively instincts.

Sanghelil vs the Jiralhanae Edit

I've played the level gravemind like ten dozen times and recently I’ve noticed well purposely observed the battles between the elites and brutes and came up with a theory on who would win.

It should be noted that I’m speaking about the elites and brutes of halo 2.

Ok here it is, after observing the battles of the elites and brutes it became clear that a group of elite minors are no match against there weakest brute class and even when lead by majors are still no match for a pack of brutes.


That said I witnessed a one on two battle between a special ops minor equipped with a carbon rifle managed to faced down a brute armed with a plasma rifle and a sniper wielding jackal, he eventually killed the jackal then the brute started to berserk the ops pulled out his plasma sword and killed the brute regular I went back to my last check point 2 or three times to re watch the battle ok the battle happened differently each time but the out come was always the same.

After this I killed the spec ops my self and down over the cliffs a bunch of honour guard’s and some spec ops elites were battling against a pack off a large pack of brutes the pack was composed of mainly regulars some minors and a captain.

Like the previous battle I watched it a few times and the out come was pretty much even.

There were no ultra’s present or zealots to I can’t comment on how they would face against brutes but I would think that if spec ops can take them on evenly then the ultras and zealots would kick but.

My final conclusion to who would be triumphant in a war off these two great races is well the elites although it would be very close.

Unggoy VS Kig-Yar Edit

I have been looking at the pages on the grunt and jackal spiecies and all there different ranks, and this made me think (owch) in halo Two (H2) who would win Grunts or jackals.

Lets take a closer lokk at the strengths and weaknesses of the two great races, starting with the grunts.

The grunt strengths

•Grunts uselly traval in groups or at last pairs of two but usually larger and more likely fours and fives.

Gunner grunts can be deadly when wielding there turrets.

Unlike there jackal counterpart grunts can be equipped with active cameoflage.

Even though grunts are never sent in to battle wielding plasma rifles they can be given them by the player and they are quiet deadly with them (try it)

spec ops and ultras are a lot smarter than the lesser grunts and are obviously smarter than jackals


The grunt weaknesses

•the lower ranks are easlly paniced in battle

and grunts are phisicly very weak and easy to kill

Jackal Strengths

•the jackal snipers are extremely deadly.

jackals wield enegy shields.

jackal weaknesses

•the lower in the ranks are always sent in wielding pistols

they are no match for higher ranks

Halo 3 wish list Edit

This is my wish list for halo 3 none of these are offisauly confirmed and probable won't appear in halo 3 but I would like to see them.

1. for the elite frame to be improved so in multi player they don't get killed as easily.

2. for the bungie team to take a page out of starwars battle front two's book and include space battles, however more intense the capital ships can be borded and fully explored taken over or desroyed.

3. to be given the option to play as any elite moddle, heretic armour, ranger with jet pack and councilor.

4. to be able to play as the brutes

5. and finally to be able to be able to give orders to your men in battle so they don't run strait into battle and give away my position.

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