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This user, Karl-591, is an administrator of Halo Alpha.
''Some say that he goes out at night to beat Brutes to death with their own skulls, and that he is the only one who can make the Flood scream like a little girl. All we know is, he's called Karl!''

I'm just another person hanging around. If you are a vandal, then don't expect a ton of mercy or kindness from me.

I also lurk around on the chat page.

When you are not in my presence, you can call me ANYTHING your degenerate hearts desire, assuming your brain can string together a couple of cuss words. But when I am around, you will address me as, "Sir, yes sir!" Do I make myself clear?

If you have XBOX LIVE, feel free to add me as a friend (see userbox section for my gamertag), just make sure you mention you're from Halo Nation and the name you use here. WARNING: I am not yet used to playing in an XBL party.

For those who are into that sort of thing: a good read.

Please do sign my guestbook.

For your entertainment...

I do not claim the title of the greatest player of games in the world, I just try not to suck too much.

NOTICE: All users insult Norway at their own peril... you have been warned. Have a nice day.

And remember kids, the only good Brute is a dead Brute. FOR HARVEST!!!!


“Time was your ally, Vandal. But now it has abandoned you.”
— Karl-591

About Me

'If Knowledge is Power and Power corrupts, then study hard and be evil.'

— Me, on chat

I am just some lad born in the Mini-Apple in the early nineties. After a few years, my family and I moved to the City of Iowa, which I continue to call home to this day. I came across this site while in search of the music at the end of Cairo Station.


"We're going to face them with an enemy they've never had the displeasure of fighting. We're going to hit them with the Covenant."
"They're not going to like the Covenant."

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