RvB This user is a fan of Red vs Blue.
Famineskull This user has claimed all skulls in Halo 3.
H5G Render Sword This user loves the Energy Sword.
HW Render MA5B This user Loves all variants of the MA5B Assault Rifle of Halo.

Hornets This user PWNS the Hornet.

Banshee-1 This user kills all with Banshee.

Gold Elite This user {{{1}}} Elites.
Theholyarbiter This user LOVES the Arbiter.
FearlessLeader26001200 This user is loyal to their Elite allies
Infection This user doesn't approve of releasing the Flood
Unknown Elite 2 This user prefers Ascetic Armor

Flare This user hates the Flare.

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