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About MeEdit

Hello <insert name here>, I'm LZ32 and if you are reading this it means that you have noticed that I am editor here at Halo Nation. I am a 21 year old Recently graduated student in Texas, who somehow survived the hell known as the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. Before joining Halo Nation i was a lurker who would just read the articles. I joined after I saw a mistake on a page. As of now I have played all of the halo games with the exception of the Spartan series. I have also read most of the books and have been in the process of making the plot summary for Halo: Last Light, amongst other things, but have been delayed due to Life and a short attention span.

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Books I've readEdit

Contact Harvest CoverFall-o-reachFirstrikeOnyx cover HalocoleGlasslands coverThe Thursday WarHalo-Mortal-DictataCryptum - CoverHaloBrokenCircleHalo Hunters in the Dark CoverHLL CoverHST Cover

Random Stuff About meEdit

USA This user writes and edits articles in American English

Coke This user loves to swig Coca-Cola.
GameBoySP-red This user has a Game Boy advanced.
Contact Harvest This user owns or has read Halo: Contact Harvest.
TCPuserbox This user owns or has read Halo: The Cole Protocol.
Fall of Reach Front Cover This user owns or has read Halo: The Fall of Reach.
The Flood Front Book Cover This user owns or has read Halo: The Flood.
First Strike Front Cover This user owns or has read Halo: First Strike.
Ghosts of Onyx Front Cover This user owns or has read Halo: Ghosts of Onyx.
Glasslands cover This user owns or has read Halo: Glasslands.
Reachconceptartwallpaper670x360 This user has Halo: Reach.
The Squad This user has Halo 3: ODST.
Halo 4 condensed logo This user has Halo 4.
Green Bay Packers This user is a fan of the cheeseheads.
1204945515 256px-1204170417 544043511 l This user is secure in his masculinity and doesn't care what this userbox looks like.
37524747 This user likes Iced Tea.
Books This user is a university student.
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