Liquid Ink

aka Pigmentation as an incompressible fluid

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Sorry Bus
  • I am Liquid

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My Proffesional Tips Edit

Read here my ancient expert tips to win all multiplayer gametypes. Use wisely.

Slayer Edit

  • Kill them

Oddball Edit

  • Get the skull

Juggernaut Edit

  • Kill the super-dude


  • Stay being the super-dude

Capture the Flag Edit

  • Get their flag

Assault Edit

  • Get the bomb to them

Territories Edit

  • Control everywhere

VIP Edit

  • Protect the VIP

Infection Edit

  • Don't get infected


  • Infect them

My Opinion Edit

Bungie creating Halo was the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. 343 Industries taking over was the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity.

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