“Eat lead you dumb bastards!”
— M15T3R CH15F talking about the opposing team

M15T3R CH13F as a Spartan


M15T3R CH13F as an Elite

Crossdresser elite.ashx

M15T3R CH13F as a crossdresser

Hello to the People who are reading my user page. I am a <age of user classified> year old teen who loves Halo. To me, Halo is my master and without Halo I am nothing.

Sometimes, I wish I was an elite, and sometimes I wish I was the Chief, but some other random times I wish I was Corn on the Cob because corn is nice.

About MeEdit

I am a hella pinoy who lives in Hollywood State: California!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Anyway...I have Halo 1 and 2 for the X-Box, and Halo 3 for the 360. I also have a Gamecube and a PS2 and I might have a Wii sometime this year.

Next to my heart is Metroid. I'm not sure which is better, Metroid and Halo. Hmmmmm. I don't know, but if Samus met the Chief that would be pretty cool.

At school I am the faster runner out of 2 classes and 3rd best of the class next to us. I am an extremely funny person so that's why I joined Gruntipedia too. That place rocks, so I guess Halopedia and Gruntipedia are both rivals of some sort.

Also, I am a hardcore Halo player, and I have been a member of X-Box Live since 10/28/07 My gamer-tag is: M15T3R CH13F crouch up and down in front of me and I'll know your a Halopedia user.


  • Good at Halo 3
  • My favorite weapon is a BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle
  • I like corn
  • I hate hackers
  • And I don't like it when theres lag
  • I am a total Halo nerd because I have Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3
  • I love Perfect Dark Zero another random game not affiliated to Bungie
  • Has a Youtube Channel: Visit here - [1]

Other FactsEdit

  • Total EXP: 219
  • Highest Skill: 20
  • Elite Armor perm combo: Head: Commando/Right Shoulders: Commando/Left Shoulders: Ascetic/Chest: Flight
  • Spartan Armor perm combo: Head: EVA/Right Shoulders: CQB/ Left Shoulders: Security/Chest: Scout
  • I am a double agent from Gruntipedia‏‎

(Technically my rank here is a Worthless Peon, but my agent expertise shall help the [| Rebels] defeat Halopedia!!!

  • I have 47 out of 59 achievements (soon to change)

to see my service record click here --> [[2]]


  • I AM NOW PLAYING FABLE 2. I switch to Halo 3 randomly.

Favorite Videos:

[Caboose Dies]

[Master Chief Sucks at Halo]

[Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2]

[Master Chief Sucks at Halo 3]

[Stick Figures on Crack 2]

[Stick Figures on Crack 3]

[Teabag You Way to Fitness]

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