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Welcome to my Page! Edit

Hello, welcome to my Halo 3 Userpage on Halopedia.

If you would like, please explore the content on this page.

In the UNSC/ MatchmakingEdit

NickShadius AM1

My standard armor in Matchmaking.

I joined Halo 3, (Or XBOX LIVE) on October 20, 2009. Ever since then I got familiar with the skills of many players on the ranked and social playlists. I'm a bias to the red armour on Halo 3. I wear the full Hayabusa set, (red and white) in Halo 3, in almost every game I play, as well as for Canadian Pride.

As for Recon, well I got it like almost everyone else, doing the Vidmasters or getting a good favourite. I got both on the same day so I do not knw the method of which i got it. I wear Recon whenever I'm paired with my friends, either for team looks or bragging rights.

MLG, a fun game playlist definitely seperates the pros from the average player. I wear only Mark VI, as if Hayabusa's helmet can be a little advantage to snipers.

When it comes to Elites, I only weared full Commando the day I got it and for some days after.

NickShadius AM2

My Recon Armor I wear.

When it comes to matchmaking I wouldn't say I'm pro, but not an average player.

Achievements in Halo 3 (Reach eventually)Edit

In Halo 3 I have almost all of the medals, just missing Hail to the King and MMMM Brains. The signature you see on the right is one I made after I earned the given medals on it all in one day. I was happy as heck, getting 55 Kills and 0 Deaths, an Invincible, and a Perfection in Big Team Slayer as well as an Extermination in the same game. Enough practice into the game,

My official Signature.

(and help with the BR and Sniper can benefit as well.)

I also enjoy taking screenshots in Halo 3, and making epic Forge Maps, so far I've made 5, but I don't think you can make articles about your own maps on here yet O.o


T7 Shadius Official JPG

My official Signature.

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