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{{ODST Fan Friend}}Hi! I am an avid Halo player who has been on this site since 2/9/08. I started playing Halo last June and Halo 3 at Christmas. I have beaten all the campaigns on normal co-op and love my armor. And yes, I am a fan of OSDTs since my family has a history in the Marine Corps. I'm also a big fan of the Chief and all Spartans. I do not like vandals at all and want to fight vandalism. I live in the Mojave Desert and have a mutt named Allie. One of my favorite hobbies is launching model rockets. I have the Halo 3 special edition and a special edition controller that I got for Christmas. I am BSA Second Class Scout working towards my Star Scout rank. My favorite TV shows are: Mythbusters and The Simpsons; favorite movies are The Star Wars series. I have X-Box live. Currently I have full Hayabusa Armor.

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