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“The only stupid question is the one not asked.”
— Unknown

ΘяɪɸɴF22 is a pilot of Squadron 22, the air corps of Combat Academy Group. Main tactics include operation of a D77-TC Pelican Dropship for use in combat insertions and suppressive fire for ground units; in situations where a Pelican is unavailable, a Banshee is used to provide Close Air Support. Secondary missions include providing rearward support with superior fire power, such as the M808B or M19 SPANKr. Sniping skills are average, but close quarters combat and vehicular manslaughter sprees afford some degree of compensation. He wears a full Mark VI MJOLNIR suit with the exception of the ODST helmet. The suit's main color is steel, secondary color red, and tertiary color white (indicating flight status).


F-22 Raptors

Here's what I want to fly (in real life).

File:1210810634 Gfs 63166 2 16.jpg
I spend a good deal of my free time either studying something from the Halo Universe (particularly Pelicans) or studying some form of aeronautical or aerospace system(s). I plan to join the USAF (the world's best air force) and become a pilot, so I've spent quite some time learning and studying aviation related material. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy science, math, and logic, and use them in all my editing (poor grammar is also annoying). As such, I focus my editing on improving grammatical consistency, the flow of articles, and the scientific content of articles.

Feel free to speak your mind here, but always keep in mind that I will mercilessly edit your posts for grammatical content. What topic you post is your business and I won't edit that unless it is offensive. I enjoy a good debate, so if you have a problem with something I edit, I strongly encourage you to discuss it either here, on the article's talk page, or board-to-board. Please for the love of God do not edit something with either no summary or a lame summary. That just compounds the problem. Thanks and have a good time editing.

Captain Grade One  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

Past SignaturesEdit

My very first signature was the default (and will not be listed here). My second one, and first custom signature, was based off of one of General5 7's signatures:

25px  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

My third one was altered to reflect my original armor color scheme, again using the same signature inspired from General5 7 (dark gray background, brown (even though it looks more like a red hue) for text, and tan for my name):

25px  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

The fourth signature was changed to reflect the change in armor (dark gray as background, firebrick for text, and white for my name):

25px  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

The fifth signature was simply changed to reflect my rank, as I just realized that there were unique insignia that matched with the ranks. I changed the Pelican image to my rank image:

Gunnery Sergeant  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

Current signature after busting 20,000 points:

Lieutenant Grade One  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

Changed the gray color to a slightly darker shade:

Lieutenant Grade One  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  

Promoted to Captain:

Captain Grade One  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Me    Talk    Contributions    CAG  


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Heroic This user has beaten Halo on the Heroic difficulty.
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Halo1 logo This user has Halo PC.
H2onsilver This user has Halo 2.
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H5G Render BR55 Service Rifle This user loves the BR55 Battle Rifle of Halo 2.
H5G Render M41SPNKrRocketLauncher This user loves the M41 SSR Rocket Launcher.
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Crouching Tiger This user loves the Scorpion Tank.
Pelicandrop This user LOVES the Pelican dropship.
Halo 3 ghost angle This user likes the Ghost.
Banshee-1 This user loves the Banshee.


AP ODST This user prefers ODST Armor
Tartarusfull This user HATES Brutes.
Johnson This user loves Humans.
MC H4tp This user RESPECTS John-117.
Boarding ghost This user loves to board vehicles.
Halo Firing This user likes the mysteries of the Forerunners.
Double Swords This user mods the Halo games.
Spikers This user loves Dual Wielding
Jackal hog This user enjoys splattering Jackals
Trouble This user approves genocide of Brutes


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