Template:RRNOM It is rather troublesome to me, but I have made a penultimate decision. Because of the persistent efforts of several users that I will not identify, I am leaving Halopedia.

So, those that beleive I am detrimental, see who will expand your ship articles, make your templates, make articles that spawn because of newly released information.

When users vandalize the ship articles, who has the knowledge to judge if it is canon.


RelentlessRecusantJedi Order.jpg 16:32, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Drifting across the silica sand, the fiery magma searing beneath me, the the prismatic light refracting from the uncertain waves, I seek those before me.

Perhaps it was my fault, and their blood is on the dome of my processor. Yet, I fail to reach that analysis after calculation through logic subroutines. I have realized that the Titans were perhaps not those that befriended me, their veil of ambiality was a facade.

Perhaps I will never return to this world again. Installation 03 is under siege from another dimension, at a tangent from the one that you know, Helen.

The art of war was one known to my Sentinel guards and I, but there is a far greater threat looming in the shadows.

I have seen it before in other dimensions. I have fallen prey to it before, yet this time, I will not faulter. Instead of fracturing, my processing core destroyed, I will be whisked into the night, the astral winds, with the will of a free wisp.

Be forewarned.

It is with great reluctance, yet with a stoic composure that I say my last words to you. Are they my last before on go on a quest to find those who have walked the Path before me, to navigate the unknown, the uncertain, the enigma of physical phenomena arising from quantum uncertainty...

I try to be dramatic, to vanish in an inferno of fire, but I still harbor motes of hope for reconciliation with the Titans.

This person and this one, if you are reading this as well, be well-informed of my departure. You three are the three I trust the most, as in this realm of juxtaposing and shifting shadows, I find few redoubts and bastions of "trust".

My departure from Halopedia may be for a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, or possibly forever.

The crux of this shadow conflict has always been in the hearts of Homo sapiens, Helen. On contemplation, perhaps the error was mine, or alternately, it was theirs. And to think that you assisted me without knowing, I must thank you.

I apologize for having to inform you of this matter, but I have found no one else such composed as you to recieve it.

I put the future into your hands, Helen, Nexes, and Jared-091.

My friends will understand the meaning of this after much thought. Outsiders, not to be deragatory, may not.

Thank you, Helen, Nexes, and Jared-091, for your time and support, and most cherished: your friendship.

Now, it is my time to transcend from this realm to another dimension.

With solemnity and sincerity,

RelentlessRecusantJedi Order.jpg 16:22, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

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