Spartan Mercenary-40.

Well, I'm Scorch. I'm an old Halo Wikia Vet, been on here since 08'. I drift from activity to inactivity, I'm not always on here. I'm a low active member here, pretty much. My last login was seven months ago. Well, A lot changes when you're gone. People come & go, people you can't get ahold of and never got to actually say goodbye to. That happens in real life too, but it's sad when you revisit this ol' community only to find it a barren wasteland.

The Administration and Code of Conduct is full of Selective rule-making, And they cater to certain users because of popular issues. They let THESE USERS get away and these users are the ones who define the rules. Need a revolution.

Information[edit | edit source]

They call me Scorch933. It was a joke when I signed on here, I liked the Star Wars Republic Commando game, so the name was scorch, and the 933 is a lucky number for me that's stuck.

I'm 16 years old, I'm a bit of a Emotive Hardcore Punk (that's what Emo started up as, but mine is the original 90s style). I'm a sophmore in high school that is part of the Gifted program. I have an IQ of 143, and I am currently taking College courses.

I *used* to be a christian, but I do no longer believe in the Bible or the Church, and I am against secular and religious division. I am a Spiritualistic Neopagan, you can look that up.

My favorite Games are everything from Old PC and console games, I'm a big fan of DooM and newer games like COD, Mass Effect, and of course, Halo. My gamertag is JackKrauser1140, so if you want to play me sometime, I'd love it.

My favorite music ranges from Alternative Punk, to alternative Metal, and Symphonic metal, Though I enjoy a wide variety of Music.

My favorite Bands are Blink-182 (Like, my favorite band ever.)

Pantera (because they were fricken awesome)

Nightwish (I love the music)

Tool (no words.)

Breaking Benjamin


And Depeche Mode.

I also really like a lot of HARD metal and rock, and generation X music, but Like I said, anything. A lot of my music is stuff from my Generation (X), and the stuff my parents listen to (60s-90s music, everything from Rock n Roll to Arena, Classic Rap (like Beastie Boys, RATM) and metal when it was starting out, Grunge and that kind of stuff.)

I read A LOT. My favorite books are:

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

The Mayor of Casterbridge - Thomas Hardy

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury,

The Stand - Stephen King

Rogue Warrior - Richard Marcinko

Republic Commando: Hard Contact - Karen Traviss

Halo: The Fall of Reach - Eric Nylund

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlen

and The Weapon - Michael Z. Williamson.

Well, I'm a Political Anarchist. I've been through Mental Rehabilitation, and I'm bit of a cutter. Not a habit to brag about, But I'm saying that to ward you away from doing it. I stopped, but it takes an ascent through to hell to get out of it and one time to spiral back down. So don't start.

Well that's me... really. If you have any questions feel fre to ask, but Like I said, I drift from activity. If you catch me in the short period of time I stay on here, cool, if not, you may have to wait months. :D 

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