“There comes a time in every man's life when he realizes that he is royally screwed.”
— Sgt.johnson on the IRC


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About Me

I am Sgt.johnson, otherwise known as AJ. I was born on August 30 (the day Reach Fell) to a Military family. I have been interested in Halo since Halo 2, but I've only played the games recently. I am currently a Senior (high school) in Colorado. I don't play sports, but I am heavily involved in JROTC. In JROTC, I am a member of Bravo Company, and former Company Commander. I am also a member of the Drill Team, and I was a member of the JROTC Marksmanship Team, qualifying Marksman (narrowly making sharpshooter).

As with ED, I know a lot about Military Equipment, Tactics, and History. The most military experience I have had was JROTC, but both of my parents were military. I'm currently enlisting into the US Army, and they're trying to shove me into Military Intelligence.

My Faves

Obviously, my favorite character is Sergeant Johnson because he reminds me of my Dad and my JROTC instructor.

I also like the Sangheili -- The whole feudal society... raised from birth to be soldiers, etc.

My favorite weapons are the Battle Rifle for medium range and long range and the SMG for close range

I like spinning WWII era M-1 Garands and reading in my spare time, and I also play paintball and airsoft.

My favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys.

I don't have a favorite style of music, as I'll listen to anything.

My favorite explosive devices are the NOVA Bomb and the Trip Mine.

Stuff I hate

I am really not a big fan of the flood or the forerunner... the flood make me sick and the forerunner started this stuff.


Public Enemy Number One!

Awards and Userboxes

My Userboxes

My Awards


IRC Quotes

Background: CT, Myself, Extramrdo, and G-23 were planning an April fools joke on RR... then this happens

<CommanderTony> We've got four months to plan this.
<Sgt_Johnson> ok then
<Sgt_Johnson> I have his picture saved to my harddrive
<Sgt_Johnson> :)
<Sgt_Johnson> >:-]
<Lt_G-23> k then
<Lt_G-23> you still have that audio file of me sounding like him?
<Sgt_Johnson> no
<Lt_G-23> damm
<Sgt_Johnson> wait
<Lt_G-23> and I don't have a cold anymore
<Sgt_Johnson> so yeah
<Sgt_Johnson> how can we do this
<Lt_G-23> we could.....
<Sgt_Johnson> well
<Lt_G-23>Dress me up as RR in a play
<Sgt_Johnson> 1. What are we going to do?
<Lt_G-23> and then film it
<Sgt_Johnson> Photoshop...
<Lt_G-23> and post it on YouTube
<Sgt_Johnson> photoshop RR in a bikini
<Sgt_Johnson> and post it on halopedia
<Sgt_Johnson> XD
<CommanderTony> Heh
<Lt_G-23> lol
<Lt_G-23> but we need a shot of him WITHOUT a shirt on
<CommanderTony> Fucking ha!
<Lt_G-23> and I refuse to attempt to get that
<CommanderTony> Obito?
<Sgt_Johnson> XD
<Sgt_Johnson> wait
<Sgt_Johnson> RR in a dress
<Lt_G-23> even though he is a short $200 plane flight away
<Sgt_Johnson> Would it be against his wishes if I got images off of face book?...
<Sgt_Johnson> hm...

RR|Neuroscience [n=Relentle@wikia/Relentless] has joined #halopedia

<CommanderTony> RR in a bikini sounds better.
<GPT> rar RR|Neuroscience
<Lt_G-23> hey RR
<Lt_G-23> psst
<Sgt_Johnson> hey RR
<Lt_G-23> Stop the plan
<GPT> RR|Neuroscience, see memo please
<CommanderTony> HAHAHAHAAHA
<Lt_G-23> he is here
<Sgt_Johnson> HAHAHAHAHA
<RR|Neuroscience> Memo?
<Extramrdo> hello
<CommanderTony> That is totally fucked up...
<Lt_G-23> no more evil embarrassing plots for him!:P
<Extramrdo> lolol
<GPT> RR|Neuroscience: memo.
<Sgt_Johnson> speak of the devil

The End
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