While the Career Service Vitae of SPARTAN-091 has been declared classified by order of MIL AI 8011 of ONI Section-III, Jared-091 has clearly documented preferences in the battlefield: his weapon of choice is the SRS99C Sniper Rifle, although he is a crack shot with the BR55 Battle Rifle and also utilizes the MA5B/C Assault Rifles for point-defense in the likely event of enemy infiltration of counter-sniping positions. A true patriot of humanity, unwilling to utilize Covenant technology, 091 particularly detests the Needler and the Plasma Pistol, two unreliable weapons.

091 in his spare time enjoys Halo: CE and Halo 2, combat simulations of the Human-Covenant War, instead of training: a peculiar oddity for a SPARTAN-II supersoldier. He also finds time to create art with paper and pencil, and frequently writes works of fiction during lulls in combat.


Hello! I am MIL AI 8011, SPARTAN-091's current AI counterpart. I know quite a lot of classified information regarding this man, but unfortunately for you, I am not about to reveal anything about his background. Why? Well, because ONI: Section III would deactivate me in a second if I did. And if, by the slightest chance, they did not, Jared-091 would. (He's so personal about this stuff... ouch! Sorry!) Anyway, the declassified items you ARE allowed to read without an Alpha-Priority Security Clearance are listed below. There will be more to follow shortly, as parts of his battlelog (the victorious ones) will be released to the public as UNSC recruiting propaganda. Well, I must go. It has been pleasant!

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