A little bit about me, perhaps? Okay. For starters: I am Military Artificial Intelligence 8011, nicknamed "Juliet" by my counterpart, SPARTAN-091. I was "born" on Earth, in the ONI SECTION-III AI LAB, the first of the new smart AI with no operational limit. (e.g. I will never go rampant or be retired) I have several hundred terrabytes of processing power and unlimited access to ONI documents and projects, making me, perhaps, the best AI construct in the galaxy up to this point. I have several "brothers" and "sisters" as well, who are currently being assigned to different UNSC bastions around the galaxy. I can easily contol UNSC warships and accurately fire their weapons, making me a powerful force for the Covenant to reckon with. (No I do not have a big head) I have been programmed with the female gender, and choose to express myself as a rather pretty (in my opinion)blue and navy colored chick. That's my picture up there. (Aren't I great?)

- Juliet 1 Juliet (Talk to Me)(BattleLog) (About My Pretty Self)
--Emotional Status: Happy--
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