Yo, This is 107's page. You may know me as RC 2413 on Wookieepedia, which i dont use anymore. feel free to leave questions & comments on my talk page!

Yeah, I know. giving a spartan number as a userpage is kinda dumb, so go stuff it. At least i realize it.

My view on editing this pedia: I like to make sure that Halopedia has an outsiders look on itself. When ever I edit or create, I want to make sure that someone coming here for information (not someone who is a member) will see just Halo related things, and that those things are in great detail. Therefore, I am adamant about not wanting DoA4, Guitar HeroIII, and the like as pages in this wiki, since to an outsider who is going by the title of the page wont get curious and confused. I say, "Let them be Trivia!"


So as not to let this user's user page becoming a halo myspace, no further info will be posted.

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