Hey thanks for stopping by my page, i am Spartan 112 but just call me spartan. I am 15 years old and lives in the USA. Well ya, i am active on the HaloFanon and have created some articles. I am very active in Halo 3 and am in the clan Disciples of Gaming, its awesome yo!.

Hobbies, Interests, and DislikesEdit

  • Interests:Halo(of course) Ancient Warriors,music,air soft,weaponry,etc
  • Favorite Bands:Disturbed,Linkin Park,Crossfade,Breaking Benjamin,Nickelback,Tyr
  • Favorite Instrument:Guitar
  • Favorite Games:The Halo series, Ace Combat series, Guild Wars
  • Favorite TV shows:Anything on [Adult Swim], and most stuff on G4
  • Favorite Books:i dont really read much, but i like the halo books
  • Favorite Movies:AVP,Transformers, 300, Saving Private Ryan, and the Star Wars series
  • Favorite Halo Character:Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum(aka Half-Jaw)


H5G Render Sword This user loves the Energy Sword.
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D-Halo This user knows the truth about Halo.
Dgodt Visr Foltz This user {{{1}}} Hunters.
N'tho 'Sraom This user prefers Elite combat armor.
Graduation hat.svg This user is in 11th year of school.
HonorGuard07 This user likes Elite Honor Guards.
Theholyarbiter This user follows the the Arbiter.
1223827277 Chieftain This user dislikes Brutes.

H4-T51CovenantCarbine-LeftSide This user adores the Covenant Carbine.

Mauler This user hates the Mauler
Xbox logo This user has the Xbox Live gamertag Odst112.
Halo3logo This user preordered Halo 3 on Xbox 360.
Halo3logo On September 26th 2007 this user finished the Fight!

Halo Alpha:Project Userbox/Real World/User Male

300 Logo Small This user saw the movie 300.
CCross This user is a Christian.

Mt Dew Game Fuel 20oz Bottle (Final) This user loves Mountain Dew Game Fuel.
Normal This user has beaten Halo on the Normal difficulty.
Normal This user has beaten Halo 2 on the Normal difficulty.
Legendary This user has beaten Halo 3 on the Legendary difficulty.
Halo1 logo This user has Halo PC.
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Contact Harvest This user owns or has read Halo: Contact Harvest.
H3 Elephant Sharpened2 This user laughs at the Elephant.

ProfLongsword This user flys the GA-TL1 Longsword Starfighter.
Pelicandrop This user flys the Pelican dropship.
Disturbed This user is one of the Disturbed


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