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  • I live in Oklahoma, U.S.A.
  • I was born on October 8
  • I am Male

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Current Halo 3 Campaign Kill Count---Halo Dude 61,145

Quote of the Whenever

"I'm gonna kill 'ya, you great big pile o' hoo-hah!"-- Pete Stacker

I joined Halopedia November, 2007, but I wasn't really active for my first few months, mainly due to my involvement on a Naruto forum. Nowadays, I work to improve Halopedia where I can, that is, when I'm not playing Halo, of course.

My Halo Information Edit

Favorite Characters--

Rtas 'Vadum(ee), John-117, the Gravemind, Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker, Sesa 'Refumee, Jorge-052, and Kat-320.

Favorite Vehicles--

All varieties of Warthog, Scorpion, Grizzly, Sparrow(H)awk, Phantom, and Falcon.

Favorite Weapons--

Covenant Carbine, Needle Rifle, Energy Sword, Battle Rifle, Focus Rifle, any of the Shotguns, and any of the Sniper Rifles.

Fanon Fleet

UNSC Chimera--Experimental "Arsenal ship"---Experimental warship used to test new technologies following the War.

UNSC Agamemnon--Experimental "Arsenal ship"---Sister-ship of the Chimera.

UNSC Ghost of Reach--Stealth Frigate---Created from the hulk of the UNSC Gettysburg

Journey's Vanguard--Covenant Loyalist Supercarrier---Flagship of the Covenant Remnant's primary combat group, the Fleet of Righteous Redemption.

'-- New Covenant Assault Carrier---New Covenant flagship

My Screenshots Edit

A vast gallery of my screenshots, many of which detail my favorite characters/events in Halo 3, and others just cool moments I caught. A handful of shots aren't actually mine, just ones I've found across the Internet. And then some aren't even Halo related.

All of the images I've uploaded to Halopedia.

A complete gallery of my Halo 3 screenshots.

Guest Book Edit

If you've somehow stumbled upon my humble userpage, and bothered to scroll this far, I'd greatly appreciate it if you signed here, and hopefully offer advice as to how I can properly organize my little plot of Halopedia.

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