Mark of Shame

Chief and dead Zealot cartoon

We all know Chief misses doing this.

About Me

I'm TheDuke1599, you can just call me the Duke or Tapap. I've been playing Halo for a short time only, (Christmas 2007), but I've liked and followed the series a few months before that. I've owned all them Covie n00bs in every Halo game released.

I'm an aspiring author. I like to play tennis and hit some golf balls sometimes. I like to have stupid conversations with my friends at lunch.

I like different types of music ranging from punk to metal. Some of my favorite bands include Black Sabbath, The Clash, Green Day. My favorite Halo 3 characters include Rtas 'Vadum and any Grunt, Elite, Marine that says something funny. I like to go on LIVE and show people that a good player is someone who can utilize any weapon to their advantage.

I've been gone for a while but now I'm back!

My signature TheDuke1599, Pie vs. Cake Who Wins?UltraElite01


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My Quotes

These are some of my favorite quotes. Feel free to add yours, but just leave your name. As you can tell most of my quotes are from Grunts and I only put down quotes that I've heard.

"You giant bullying MONSTER!!!!!!!!"

"Well this sucks, I'm going north!"

"I didn't sign up for THIS!!"

"Wort! Wort! Wort!"

"Damn. I like you too, but... damn!"

"Damn, I almost got an Achievement"


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  1. I'm also afraid of Blue spiders!! -RaZoRKilleR117, Zurxoz 'Warkum1208489766 Elites standard 4
  2. where do i sign for the unggoy thing? Halonerd147 Community My Talk My FanFic 22:44, 1 August 2008 (UTC)
  3. Nice pic with the Grunt working out. -- Mechanical-Menace 13:45, 4 August 2008 (UTC)
  4. Cool page, nicely done! - Spirit of FireUNSCoH Dingo without letters 10 AM, 17 October 2008
  5. JustineSonic > Laser 02:15, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

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