• My occupation is Anti-Son-of-a-Bitch Machine

Welcome to my userpage. You can find me about the site mostly contributing to talk pages or uploading images, but occasionally I do edit articles.

My opinion on CanonEdit

  • Bungie are responsible for the truest representation of the story they have created and anyone who preferences otherwise is a Bungie Separatist.
  • Frankie O'Connor is the Bungie Separatists' de facto leader.
  • There is no space for Separatist co-existence. They must be slingshotted in to the Sun.
  • When the Halo: Reach Beta servers crashed, the Bungie Separatists went in to a frenzied rampancy complaining about the servers and all of the other problems with Reach.
  • A Bungie Separatist will tell you that the DMR is a load of BS (not Bungie Separatists) and that the BR is way better. In contrast Bungie Loyalists acknowledge the BR, but will confirm the DMR as a superior, more skilled weapon.

My Halo CampaignsEdit


  • Halo: CE on Legendary
  • Halo 2 on Legendary
  • Halo 3: ODST on Legendary
  • Halo 3 on Legendary
    • Floodgate on Mythic
    • Halo on Mythic
  • Halo: Reach on Legendary


  • Halo: CE on Legendary
  • Halo 3: ODST on Legendary
  • Halo 3 on Legendary
  • Halo: Reach on Legendary


  • I disdain seeing Halo 3 players who wear full Recon, some is fine, all is just, too glarish. Coincidently Frankie wore all Recon when he played for Bungie.
  • I appreciate Martin O'Donnell's contribution to Halo, thus any enemy of Marty is an enemy of mine. Coincidently Frankie was the arch enemy of Martin O'Donnell.
  • This isn't an attack on Frankie, its just coincidental, and he's a Bungie Separatist.


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