Ohai! I'm T328! Need help? Looky here. I'm happy to help.
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“When life gives normal people lemons, they make lemonade. When life gives ME lemons, I chuck them at other people”
— Me.

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Rawr! I'm Thunderstream328. I am always online... Usually.

Sup? I know a lot about Halo, so I joined Halopedia. I've been playing Halo since 2005. Halo is the best first person shooter game ever made. Nothing could replace it,it's too good to be true. I will be soon getting an Xbox live gamertag :-D. I'm really good at Halo 2 since I always play it, I also like to play Halo 1, but Halo 3? It's THE best game that could ever be created, next to Halo 3: ODST. If any of you guys or girls at Halopedia need help, leave a message on my talk page or on my board. Halo Alpha:Project Userbox/Real World/ROI Userbox

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