{{Human Character Infobox |name=TobbanSWE |image= |homeworld=Earth (Sweden) |birth=March 27 1991 |rank=Sergeant |species=Human |gender=Male |height=1.7 m (5.6 ft) |weapons=Xbox 360 Controller |equipment=Sony Ericsson 810 i with 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera and Handsfree |vehicles=VOLVO V70 Cross Country |hair=Brown |eyes=Green |notable=Curently Studying to be an Electrician |affiliation=[[UNSUNSC], Europe (Real World) }} Hello!

I am an 16 year old Halo fan, I've played and worshiped the halo games seince the first game Halo:Combat Evolved entered the stores.I own an Xbox and a 360 and all the Halo Games. I live in Sweden and the best thing I know (after playing Halo of course) is fishing. My favourite Halo game is... ehh... well... all of them, and I really look forward to Halo wars, my favourite Halo character is Avery Johnson. I've read The fall of Reach and The first strike but im going to buy all the books... and Halo The Graphic Novel, Halo: Uprising.

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