,,iiffLLffii                _     ;;ttGGGGDDGGfftt;;
        iittLLii          ttttffffLLfffftt;;      iiLLEEDDGGff;;
      iiLLLL            ;;ffttttiiiiiiLLGGLL;;      ;;GGDDGGGGff;;
    ;;ffff          iiiiLL;;            GGGGGG          GGKKGGDDGG;,
ii;;ttDD              ii;;              jjGGEE          iiKKGGLLEELL
jjffLLLL                              iiGGDDff            ffLLffGGii
  iiii;;                          ;;ttffttff              iiffjjGGGGGtttttff
                          ;;ii;;ffff;;                  ;;;;ttjjKKGG
                      ;;ttLLGGtt,,  ,,...;;;::ff        iittjjGGEEii
                  iittffLLffiiiiiiffLLLLGGGGDDff    ;;ttLLLLGGGGtt
                  ''iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttii    ;;iiLLGGDDEEGG
                ....,,                    ..,,iiiittLLEEDDDDff
You know where you saw it first.
Oh So Numb
Oh So Beautiful

Oh So Beautiful

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