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Yesterday, Halo Wars 2's latest piece of DLC, Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare, was released. It contains an entirely new campaign, a cooperative multiplayer mode known as Terminus Firefight and two new leaders: Pavium and Voridus. In addition, as part of the update that brings Awakening the Nightmare, two new multiplayer maps, Mirage and Fissures, were added to the game. Both new maps are available free to all players, but the new leaders, Awakening the Nightmare campaign and Terminus Firefight are limited to owners of the DLC only.

Awakening the Nightmare's campaign stars the two new leaders, the Brute brothers Pavium and Voridus, in five entirely new campaign missions (and three Blur cutscenes). Under orders from Atriox, the two Jiralhanae arrive at the crash site of High Charity to scavenge what they can from the surrounding debris. However, following a breach of containment, they must contend with an even more potent threat than the UNSC Spirit of Fire: the Flood.

Meanwhile, Terminus Firefight tasks up to three players with simultaneously defending their own bases and a Forerunner terminus from wave after wave of enemies who steadily increase in ferocity. The mode resembles a tower-defense game, in that enemies are funneled into particular paths, which can be fortified with barricades, traps, mines and turrets. However, the usual gameplay features of Halo Wars 2 are still available, including leader powers, upgrades and army building.

Awakening the Nightmare costs $19.99 USD, and can be bought here, or one the Windows Store (to any Brits out there: I'd advise buying it from the store on Windows 10, if possible, as it's £16.24 there, compared to £19.99 on the Xbox Store). If you don't own Halo Wars 2 but would like to, the entire game and all its DLCs are available in one package here.

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