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For a while now, most of the Halo Nation administration, myself included, have been discontent with the changes Fandom/Wikia has been making (and intends to make) to the wikis they host, including Halo Nation. Additionally and more importantly, the decision-making process behind these changes rarely seems to include input from the users and editors of the affected wikis, and in some cases (such as with the negative reception to featured videos on Halo Nation) actively disregards such feedback. All of this, combined with the recent introduction featured videos and upcoming changes such as the removal of Forums in favour of Discussions, the domain change from to and the nebulous Unification initiative, has led us to the conclusion that Wikia is no longer the right home for our wiki and community.

As a result, today we would like to finally pull back the curtain on something we've been working on for the past few months; this year, we plan to offer Halo Nation the opportunity to leave Wikia. We have been investigating possible destinations for some time now and until recently, our shortlist included Halopedia, Gamepedia and Nukapedia's Exodus platform. However, following Wikia's acquisition of Gamepedia owner Curse Media, we have decided that it would be best to drop Exodus and focus entirely on what we consider to be the best remaining option: Halopedia.

Halopedia is an existing Halo wiki, which was formerly also hosted by Wikia, but left to become independently hosted in 2010. It is a well-respected wiki, with high-quality content and a very friendly community. They are currently holding a vote of their own, to decide whether they would accept us, and their voting page contains more information on how the process would play out if we were to merge, for those interested. We will post a finalised version of this information on Halo Nation once Halopedia's vote has concluded. For the duration of both wikis' votes, the admin teams of both wikis will each monitor the relevant pages on the other wiki, to answer questions and generally get to know the community. This means that Halopedia's admins will be present on this post and its related discussion thread - feel free to ask them any questions you might have about their wiki and community.

If our community does decide to leave, all of the content from Halo Nation as stands now would be copied to a temporary wiki and merged into Halopedia's existing articles manually. This will involve a lot of work, and Wikia will most likely retain a copy of the wiki at our current URL. Nevertheless, we believe that doing so would be beneficial, as it would give us as a community far more control over every aspect of our wiki; how it looks, what features it has, what video content is placed on its pages (if any), etcetera. Unlike in our current situation, no major changes would be ever made without a community vote beforehand (unless required by laws such as GDPR or Article 13).

We intend to offer this choice to our community in the form of a public vote, ideally some time later this month or in early February, assuming the Halopedia community votes in favour of allowing us to merge. The vote will follow the usual Halo Nation voting rules (only existing wiki users can vote, no sockpuppets, etc), and will give voters the choice between moving to Halopedia and remaining at Wikia. If the community choses to leave, we would then aim to have completed the leaving process within a few months, ideally by the end of Spring 2019, but the process of actually merging the wikis' contents will likely go on longer, and run concurrent to normal wiki editing.

Currently, we have yet to finalise all of the details. However, please feel free to pose any questions you have in the comments of this blog post, or on this forum thread. We'll answer everything we can at this stage in the planning.

We firmly believe that this is what's best not only for the wiki, but for the Halo community in general too, and we hope you agree.

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