Through July to November, 2004, 4orty2wo Entertainment ran their alternate reality game called “I Love Bees” (aka ilovebees, I love bees, etc.). I Love Bees was a fun campaign exploring the Halo world. Until ILB, the lives of Earth’s citizens had never been portrayed. The Halo Graphic Novel, which would feature a storyline on the issue, was two years away. Through the character of Melissa, it was explored how psychologically damaging ONI’s brainwashing techniques could be, and how the SPARTAN-II program is hated and feared by those outside of it. The campaign was wide-scale, and added many new facets to the Halo universe. However, it is in danger of vanishing into the abyss of the Internet.

It has been over four years since the completion of the I Love Bees campaign. It is a wonder that , the place where it all took place, is even still around. Honestly, Microsoft has no reason to keep it there. At any moment, the site could just go down. A cybersquatter will probably show up immediately after, ready with ad links promising “Halo 3 cheats” and whatnot. Before this happens, I deem it a priority to copy all aspects of the ILB story into Halopedia for purposes of keeping it from disappearing.

While the Internet Archive ( ) can be utilized to retrieve text from the site after it has perished, it is unlikely that it will keep every audio file. Audio files contain some of the most important aspects of ILB, as half the story is told in Audio Drama form through numerous short files called Axons. When Halopedia upgraded to its new skin with all the new features in February, 2008, however, it lost its ability to upload any file other than a few of those used for images.

Although the recent upgrade to the Monaco skin has been met with some resentment, it finally allowed Halopedia to once more upload the audio file “.ogg”. Halopedia can now host the remainder of the Axon files that have not been copied from I’d do it myself, but there are a lot of files and my time is limited. I need the help of other Halopedians with more time on their hands. C’mon, this should be a Halopedia priority!

The files hosted on are in “.wav” format, which Halopedia cannot upload. These files must be first converted into “.ogg” to allow Halopedia to upload them. This can be performed with Audacity, a free program available for download. Once converted, the files can be uploaded at Special:Upload, the same page used to upload images. Most of the audio files yet to be uploaded can be found in the Axon Clip Chapters, beginning at Axon Clips Chapter 1 and continuing on to 12.

All help my fellow Halopedians can offer will be very much appreciated!

“There are people who love me! I will not be forgotten… I will not be forgotten… I will not be forgotten…”
Yasmine Zaman, SPARTAN-II inductee
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