• I live in Yorkshire
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio I'm a Resident Evil collector specialising in Japanese books containing hard-to-find interviews and extra story notes not in the games. I'm also a fan of classic '80s horror franchises such as Friday the 13th and Halloween.
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  • Forerunner


    December 22, 2012 by Forerunner

    I'd just like to make a note about the differences between colloquial usage of the word "trivia" and the wiki equivalent.

    Colloquially, "trivia" (the opposite of the actual term, which is the complete opposite) refers to generic information relating to anything, and is generally a minor note that may be used in summation. On wikis, "trivia" or "further notes" sections list information deemed important enough to deserve a mention, but cannot be adequately placed into a specific section of the article.

    Here is an example of "trivial trivia": "The MA5B is a gun" - the article (hypothetically) containing this information is the MA5B article. As such, the information present in the entry (that it is a firearm of some sort) has already been brought …

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  • Forerunner

    It has come to my attention that a number of users have become disenfranchised by the Achievements system which we installed last year. When it came to the Resident Evil Wiki's recent removal of the system, one of the causes was the recent high-profile incident whereby Sieglinder made 137 edits to "Grenade Round" in just a few hours, adding a paragraph one character at a time (with independent edits for adding in the spaces, no doubt). It took that many edits to come up with:

    • This is the easier ways to get special grenade rounds. You don't have to use so much Gunpowder C to make Grenade Rounds, you can just use those Grenade Rounds you found during the game.
    //Edit begin

    I'd also like to point out that when this Achievemen…

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  • Forerunner

    Deletion of 2008 blogs

    August 18, 2012 by Forerunner

    Hey, Forerunner here. I just want to run it by you guys so you know what I'm planning on doing: I want to delete the content of Category:2008 blog. It is my understanding that the blogs made in 2008 are of little relevance to now:

    • They were made four years ago;
    • They were made under a different blog policy (some pre-dating the policy, altogether).
    • No one's really gonna read something written four years ago by a guy who left three years ago.

    Anyway, I just wanted to brush it right by you guys before ForeBot does it at one deletion per second (3600/hour).

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  • Forerunner

    New CE server

    August 9, 2012 by Forerunner

    Hey, guys. Me and a number of other users were in talks earlier on starting up a server for Halo PC/Halo Custom Edition with the server name being, of course, "Halo Nation". Me and a couple other users are currently underground talks on how to properly organize this server from different parts of the world so as to maintain coverage for the western hemisphere - we might have to run a number of identical servers at specific times of the day so as to five the appearence of being on all the time.

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  • Forerunner

    I'd like to use this opportunity to inform you of the somewhat-old MediaWiki extension known as "Patrolling". As information can be found on that link, I shall keep it brief. If this wiki implements the Patrol feature, it can be arranged to primarily affect administrators. It will increase their powers ever so slightly - to mark edits on Special:RecentChanges as "patrolled" when reviewing page-revisions. It's sort of an "administrators' seal of approval" that can be seen by other users on the RC as another tag, operating alongside "n" (New) and "m" (minor). It will also update Special:Log to allow users to examine the edits marked as 'patrolled'.

    This thing is very minor, I know, but it will at least show to users on the RC what edits have …

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