Leo Fox

aka Leo

  • I live in Dunedin, New Zealand
  • I was born on March 15
  • My occupation is being a wise(-cracking) student of commerce
  • I am a feather duster
  • Leo Fox

    As per the discussion on the previous blog on the matter, and overwhelming community support for the disabling of the Message Wall funstion, I hereby propose the disabling of the Message Wall function. As such, please vote on the below poll to express your opinion; and leave a comment on this blog to better explain your thoughts on the matter. Thank you.

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  • Leo Fox

    Good day, all. My name is Leo Fox, and I am part of the Halo Nation planning committe. I'm here today to discover the Halo Nation Communitie's opinion of the talk page replacement. Please leave your inputs regarding whether you wish to keep it or revert to talk pages.

    Also, please answer this poll in order to give me and the Administration team a feeling on the matter addressed as the title of the poll:

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  • Leo Fox

    Hullo all. You might know me as Leo Fox – or that furry who deletes about 150 blog posts everytime he shows up on the wiki. To explain this bizarre occurrence away, I’ll note that I am an Administrator here on Halo Nation, holding Bureaucrat status (meaning I can appoint Rollback users and Administrators with Community and Administrative approval, blah blah). I am an experienced and capable user, proficient with coding and memes. Especially memes. And coding too.

    Now, you might be asking yourself; “Why is this furry fox guy who hates blogs and is rarely even here blithering away about Policy?” Well, as it so happens, part of my duties (pretty much my only one at the moment) is the writing and implementation of Official Policy here on Halo N…

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