Nikolai the Second

aka Nikolai Pereshenko

  • I live in Ohio, U.S.A
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is Sophomore: Majoring in Civil Engineering, Minor in Mathematics
  • I am Male
  • Nikolai the Second

    I was playing halo 2 (the best marines of all the games) the other day and I realized how much the marines in halo suck.  I am not talking so much about their strategy and tactics but more so their equipment. Let me compare the equipment of a halo marine to a modern marine. 

    Halo marines

    • assault rifle fires  32 rounds at 710 f/s at 100 meters
    • SMG is about even
    • The SAW can fire 300 meters with the other states similiar
    • The sticky detonator fires one round at mabye 200 meters
    • The Sniper rifle fires 4 rounds at 90 rpm at 1530 m/s
    • 2 frag grenades
    • The scorpian can get destroyed by a grenade launcher given enough time.  90mm.  range of 
    • Hornet is pathetic comparered to modern long range heat seaking rockets

    Modern U.S. marines

    • M4 carbine fires 30 rounds at…

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  • Nikolai the Second

    I have thought alot about the end of halo recently and this is what I have come up with. 

    After the Master cheif has survived every faction imaginable, blue team has died (Not stupid reach deaths, but heart felt meaningfull deaths), Halsey and Lasky have been killed, and the Infinity has crashed putting mankind back into the previbial stone age the MC finally makes a one cyborg assault on the Didact on the recently rebuilt Requim.  

    Half the campaign would be in Requim and the last level would just be a boss fight with the Didact.  After the long battle the didact is exhausted and badly injured.  He asks John "Why are you doing this for humanity?"

    And then John simply replies "I am not, I am doing this for Her."  He makes the cu de grace and …

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  • Nikolai the Second

    So this is my first blog.  Lets see how it goes. 

    Today I am going to focus on armor lock since that is the one that everyone hates.  Here are some ways I have found that beat armor lock on occasion. 

    1.(If you have these grenades and are far enough away that you don't blow yourself up.)  Throw a plasma or pulse grenade on the guy one (1) second after he goes into armor lock. 

    2. (If you are close and have armor lock.)Armor lock right next to the enemy after they do.  They they will go out of armor lock first and after they are vunerable then you jump out of armor lock and finish them off with a melee or a precision weapon. 

    3.  (If you are far away.)  Just wait for the guy to come out of armor lock and waste him. 

    4.  (If you are in a vehicle …

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