(note: a abriged version of this was posted on the talk page for the ark's article)

Ok, it may have been possible that there were forerunners on the ark, for a number of reasons:

  • The ark is out of the range of the array. this one should be obvious, even if you are a crack-addled retarded lobotimized braindead typical immature XBL idiot.
  • Whatever happened to Didact? he (and presumably more others) was on the ark when it fired, and there is a chance that there were enough forerunners to set up a civilization on the ark that would last millenia (or however long between the firing and the rediscovery of the ark).
  • We only saw a small, most likely remote, part of the ark. the ark is larger then the typical halo. it is possible that there is civilization that the UNSC, former covies and covies may have missed.
  • surely some forerunner must have been kept in stasis like the flood that the covenant let out in CE?
  • who are the Daemons referred to in the terminals? there's a small chance they could be forerunner.[sarcasm]or do the AIs use UNIX or something?[/sarcasm]

However, there are arguments towards the opposing side:

  • the cartographer most likely would be a area of heavy activity if there were forerunner in the area. Yet, there are none.
  • surely there would be lights from a city visible from the space outside the ark?
  • there were no transmissions from the forerunner, of course, this could be attributed to them simply using different technology.
  • the other ruins show no sign of recent inhabiters.