Welcome everyone to Halo Nation wiki, the Halo community wiki for all things related to the Halo franchise! Without the community, this wiki would remain stagnant and would stay in such state possibly forever. Thank you for making this possible!

Wait... what? I thought this is Halopedia, the Halo Wiki?!
This wiki is still a Halo wiki; it is not, however, Halopedia, the Halo encyclopaedia for definitive information of the Halo Universe. In case you didn't hear, Halopedia has moved out of Wikia since October 2010 and currently can be found here. You can find updated canon information of the Halo Universe there.
So, what is the focus of this wiki?
This wiki is more concerned with the Halo community, covering content from Community Maps, Community Fiction (i.e. fan-art, literature), and everything to do with the community. The only thing it does not focus is canon; we'll leave that task to folks in Halopedia. ;)
TL;DR version = We cover everything about Halo except the Halo Universe (we'll just summarise and leave canon to Halopedia). A policy will be created to clarify what this wiki covers. :D
This wiki has new features?!
Yup. For now, we've managed to add the Achievement feature into the wiki. Every contribution you make to this wiki will be provide a special award, depending on the nature of the contribution. :)
Can we start now?
Sure, but please do it slowly. The Administration Team is currently amending the rules to Halo Nation's standards. We'll be keeping an eye on the wiki activity however! If you need any help, simply head over to my talk page. :)

Happy editing!

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