It is with great regret that I must inform the community of my resignation as an administrator of Halo Nation.

When I first joined Halo Nation in 2013, I only intended to fix a few glaring grammatical errors on some pages. Grammar fixes eventually became rewrites, and rewrites led to template adjustments and using special pages to identify wiki-wide problems. I became more than just a transient visitor; I took on partial ownership of the wiki. I wanted to make this wiki the best it could be, and I take pride in what I and my fellow editors have been able to accomplish.

As you know, Fandom recently began placing "Featured Article Videos" on many articles in certain Wikia-hosted communities. They began doing this without asking those communities for permission, collaborating with the communities on the videos' content, or even notifying the communities of the videos at all. Many wiki communities have been trying to resolve this issue with Fandom, and all have been unsuccessful. Fandom is obstinately refusing to remove or alter the videos in any way.

I had heard about Fandom's track record of forcing unwanted, unilateral changes onto its communities, but I thought that was in the past. Between the forced article videos and the future forced replacement of Forums with Discussions, it's obviously not. Clearly, Fandom doesn't at all view us as independent communities of which they are hosts; they view us as content creators whose content they can pass off as their own to sell for advertisements.

Now, if Fandom just wanted to make money off of our work, I could deal with that. But when they inject themselves and their own content onto ours without going through the process of consensus that makes a wiki a wiki, then we are not in control at all. This isn't our wiki anymore; it's theirs. And I expect Fandom will continue hostile takeovers of various aspects of wikis until the communities have no semblance of independence at all. Rather than waiting until that happens, rather than continue contributing to a project of which I have no ownership, I will simply quit now.

Thank you all for your help and comradeship. I have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to this wiki and have learned much from my fellow editors and administrators. I will remember my time here fondly.