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Uthera Midgeerrd, known more simply as Uthera, was a Forerunner-controlled planet at the edge of Ecumenical space. At some point between 100,300 BCE and 100,000 BCE the planet was completely overrun by the Flood.


The planet was first settled by Forerunners prior to 110,000 BCE, according to the Promethean Sharp-by-Striking, as a military outpost on the edge of Forerunner-controlled space. By 100,300 BCE the planet had at least one large city on its surface. Some time after the return of the Flood to the galaxy, they reached Uthera and swiftly consumed all life on the planet. By the time the wreck of a Builder ship carrying the Ur-Didact and several other sentenced Forerunners arrived in-system, there existed a massive spore mountain where the city once lay. There was also a Precursor anomaly in apparent orbit around the infested planet. This would be the first of many Precursor artifacts to be used by the Flood against the Forerunners during the war. The planet was purged of all Flood ca. 100,000 BCE when the Halos were fired.



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