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Vadam is a Sangheili state in Yermo, Iruiru, in the Sangheili homeworld Sanghelios. It was named after its founder, the ancestor of all citizens of Vadam. Its central keep is Vadam Keep, led by the Vadam family.[1]

History Edit

Origin Edit

Vadam was named after its founder who was said to have been imprisoned by his enemies. He was starved in the prison and yet refused to kill himself. He eventually became so thin from hunger that he was able to slip his body through the bars of his window. Even in his weak state he managed to scale the cliffs of Vadam keep, and swim down the river that surrounded the keep and also provided a good source of energy. He had to walk many days and he had to eat vermin and scraps to keep himself alive.

He soon came across the vast desert that was in the interior of the Sangheili land. He started rebuilding his strength and toughness in the years to come, and managed to make allies with other wanderers. His new found allies had statuses that were lower than Vadam's but they were willing to fight under Vadam's leadership. Now that he had warriors under his command he returned to Vadam keep. He successfully defeated those who had imprisoned and laughed at him, after this, he killed everyone who was still imprisoned, and who didn't have the courage to kill themselves, throwing their bodies in the river; it is said that it ran purple with blood for a week.[1]

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  • This tale may be a Biblical Allusion, as the bible states that a man called Moses escaped from Egypt with the freed Jewish people, before traveling a massive sea and wandering for 40 years in the Desert. If this is indeed a biblical allusion, then the escape of Moses could be related to Ther's own escape; the sea could be related to the river Ther had to cross, and the Desert could be related to the 40 year long trek.


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