The Vadam Keep is a Sangheili Keep located on Sanghelios, in the Yermo province.[1] Here, Thel 'Vadamee was attacked by three assassins, all of whom were killed by 'Vadamee.[2] It was also where Ther 'Vadam and his soldiers were imprisoned. Thel Vadam and the Vadam clan live in the Vadam Keep, hence its name. Not much is known about it.


Vadam Keep is built high into Kolaar Mountain in the mountainous, seaside province of Yermo. A river runs from the mountains down to the sea, directly beneath the Keep, providing a source of fresh water and power. The interior is chiseled into the stone of the mountain, with some rooms such as the stone hall also being supported by large wood beams, possibly of kafel wood. Portions of the Keep, like the kaidon's quarters, have windows looking out toward Vadam Harbor. Away from Kolaar Mountain the jurisdiction of the Keep extends over several surrounding square kilometers, being one of the larger and more prominent keeps on Sanghelios. Vadam Keep was also the location of Lord Hood and Thel 'Vadam's cease-fire meeting.[3]


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