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Vannak-134 is a cybernetically-augmented super soldier, conscripted at childhood, who serves as the de facto deputy to the Master Chief.


Battle on Madrigal

Vannak assists the Silver Team of Spartans in a mission on the planet Madrigal, where a team of Covenant Elite are attacking. After defeating the alien creatures, Master Chief and his team examine the perimeter for signs of the Elite ship. Vannak and Riz secure the Covenant aircraft while Master Chief and Kai explore a man-made cave in which the Covenant are excavating an artifact. When Master Chief interacts with the object, the cave comes to life with energy. The team later chases a lone Elite who escapes the planet. Kai wants to accompany Master Chief to Reach, but he orders her to act against protocol by returning with the other Spartans so he can travel alone. He goes AWOL, leading Admiral Parangosky to initiate a kill order on his returning ship. Dr. Halsey overrides this order with one of her own - protect Master Chief at all costs. Riz questions if this means firing upon friendlies, though Vannak iterates that if they are firing upon Master Chief they aren't friendlies. The trio heads to the landing bay, but their expertise are unneeded as Master Chief escapes the assault and flees Reach.[1]

In the days that follow, Vannak talks to Kai about Master Chief going AWOL. She learns that he still hasn't turned on his beacon. They are tasked with tracking Master Chief and take flight to follow his movements. The trio remarks on his odd movements such as jumping through an asteroid field. Kai wonders why he's doing this, but Riz and Vannak don't seem to question it. The next day, Master Chief activates his beacon and allows Silver Team to apprehend him and return him to FLEETCOM.[2] The following day, Vannak and Riz are playing a game in Spartan headquarters on John returns from his testing with Halsey. He gives them permission to ask questions about his actions, but Riz states they have fought together since they were children and trust him. Vannak supports this claim. Suddenly, John's new AI Cortana appears and introduces herself, confusing the Spartans. John snaps that he didn't summon her and tries to dismiss her, but she only questions his vernacular before politely excusing herself. John remarks that the new A.I. is not permanent.[3]

Dr. Keyes recruits the Spartans to run tests on the Madrigal artifact to see if they react to the object the same way Master Chief does. She wonders what, if anything, makes him special. Vannak, in response to her, remarks matter-of-factly that John is the Master Chief. He obliges with her commands and removes his helmet to conduct the test. They are uneventful as the artifact does not react to Vannak or the Spartans touch. When Miranda insults the Spartans, Kai speaks up for them by listing what makes the Spartans great, including how Vannak's battlefield discoveries on the physics of plasma swords helped the Marines develop stronger shielded vests.

While performing more tests in her lab, Miranda admits that she thought her mother kept her from the Spartans because they were more fun, but now she doesn't believe fun was part of their training. Kai corrects that they did have fun, as they each had pets growing up and would play hunter and hunted in the woods. The loser had to eliminate their pet, with Kai pausing as she remembers her cat. Vannak-134 never lost a match, though Halsey executed his pet to teach them that Spartans should only form attachments to one another. Miranda is mortified at Halsey's display of apathy, but the story doesn't affect Kai, Vannak, or Riz-028. Kai excitedly picks up a Needler, a Covenant weapon, and reveals Riz and Vannak's knowledge of the Shangeheli language. In fact, the Spartans have spent the most time with the Covenant and know much of their language, something Miranda is remiss over not realizing sooner.[4]

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The Spartans are reassigned to provide support in the extraction of the second artifact. Kai continues to barrage Vannak with questions over his beliefs, orders, and why things are the way they are. He admits to wondering if the gun grease in her hair has seeped into her brain, making her ask him these "dumbass questions". When Slipspace becomes breached the Spartans leap into action. Vannak and Riz assist John in moving the artifact as he can't make physical contact with it. As a viscous fight ensues, their plans to take the artifact to Miranda are derailed when the ship goes up in flames. John disobeys orders to deliver the artifact to Dr. Keyes' ship and instead, saves Kai and the marines from the Covenant ambush happening below them. His diversion from the original plan results in the Warthog with the Spartans and artifact crashing. Subsequently, the artifact is stolen by the Covenant.[5]

The survivors of the battle return to Reach. Kai's injuries have her screaming in agony as the pain injections aren't quelling her pain. Master Chief sits next to her as he holds her hand, obliging to Vannak's request to keep her still while Riz injects more medicine. Finally, Kai goes unconscious and her bleeding wounds are tended too. She regains some of her strength and visits Riz and Vannak who are discussing their new weapons upgrades now that Halsey is no longer part of the Spartan program. Kai asks why that is but Vannak bluntly states it wasn't in the report.[6]


Vannak is the perfect Spartan - obedient, loyal, tough, and emotionally suppressed. He has a strong loyalty to Master Chief and admiration for him, all of which changes the second Halsey says he's been compromised. Vannak has a dry sense of humor, blunt attitude, and sharp retort.


  • Vannak is an original character for the television series, and as such, does not have another media counterpart.