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“I have bills to pay, as ever. I assume you have the coin?”
— Vata 'Gajat to Daniel Clayton.

Vata 'Gajat[1] is a Sangheili shipmaster who was a former member of the Covenant and was the leader of a mercenary group.[2] He was the leader of the assault on a diplomatic meeting between Lydus and Thel 'Vadam, who were under the command of SPARTAN-IV Commander Palmer.


Vata 'Gajat was formerly a proud member of the Covenant. At one point he was employed by Jul 'Mdama.[2]

Ealen IV[]

In an unknown date, but prior to 2558, he saw the promise of human capitalism and broken all ties with Jul'Mdama and created Vata 'Gajat mercenary group, a mercenary army working for the highest bidder.

His first known contract was with Daniel Clayton, a human diplomatic allied himself with the Insurrectionist Mattius Drake's group.

His first mission was to disrupt a peace conference with the Arbiter and a Jiralhanae Chieftan Lydus on Ealen IV, with Sarah Palmer and Fireteam Jackknife of SPARTAN-IV program as security. The UNSC Infinity, and a Brute and Sangheili's fleets were in orbit of the planet. Vata's people's work was aided by the infiltrated SPARTAN Vladimir Scruggs. As the 3 parties are engaged in the peace conference, the meeting is ambushed by the mercenary's forces. The Humans, Jiralhanae, and Arbiter are trapped on the planet with no way of contacting Infinity for reinforcements.[3]

Palemr throwing her helmet full of grenades into the Lich

Palmer throwing grenades into the Lich Gravity lift.

Vata's landed on the planet, leading the assault against the hidden place where the SPARTANS, Arbiter and Brute ambassadors were, but they found they had escaped by underground tunnels. After a Kig-Yar's officer pointed it, and enraged Vata hit him, enraged.

At the end, however, the SPARTANS managed to contact the fleets in orbit. Before being trapped between thee opposing fleets, Vata ordered the retreat. Their mission had failed, but his people's losses were minimal..[4]

Ambush to Infinity[]

The next mission of Vata's forces, against under Clayton's orders, was to ambush and destroy the Infinity. After planting evidence about the UNSC Spirit of Fire's presence, and the Infinity fell in the trap.

While expecting the Infinity's appearance, Clayton and Vata talked about their fathers. Daniel hadn't known its own father, as he disappeared in the Human-Covenant war, and as Vata hadn't known its own, Clayton seen some connection between them.

The Infinity exiot from slipspace in front of a Covenant station with a glassing cannon. After Clayton called Terrence Hood, to explain his reasons to his hate, Daniel ordered opening fire. The infinity was pierced by the station’s glassing beam, but it took too much time to recharge, so Vata took his command ship, a Covenant Corvette, to finish him. Unknown to him, commander Palmer and Fireteam Majestic managed to capturing the station, holding all the Insurrectionists, including Clayton, before turning the glassing cannon on Vata's ship. When Vata called Clayton to amke sure he was seeing the Imminent Infinity's destruction, Palmer answered him, right before turning the station's guns against Vata's ship, destroying it..[5]

It is doubtful than Vata's group survived his death, as none more was hear about them.




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