Major Vaughan was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. He was the commanding officer of both Sunray 1-1 and Boomerang Company.[1]


Early LifeEdit

Vaughan was born and lived a life of privilege and luxury in the most prestigious of Earth's arcologies. He enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and was deployed into Insurrection out in the Outer Colonies. His first duty station as a recruit was the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1]

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Sometime prior to February 2531, he was assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire again, but as a commissioned ODST. He would participate in the Harvest Campaign, the Battle of Arcadia and the Battle of Shield 0459.[1] After these events, He entered cryosleep along with the rest of the crew.[3]

Installation 00 and Operation: SPEARBREAKEREdit

In 2559 he woke up from cryosleep after 28 years of drifting in space, arriving at Installation 00 with the rest of the crew.[4]

Following the departure of Installation 09, the Spirit of Fire discovered a cloaked area on the surface of the Ark. Vaughan led Sunray 1-1 in Operation: SPEARBREAKER to explore and find out what The Banished were up to.[5] He then led them against the Mgalekgolo pair known as Colony. In the end, something Vaughan and Sunray succeeded in.[6]


He was rebellious while he was young. Vaughan found his first time on the Spirit of Fire rather ironic considering his family's history.[1]




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