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The planet Ven III, located on the edge of the Joint Occupation Zone, it is a mostly uninhabitable planet.


It was once used by the Covenant on and off as a staging area for big offensives. It became unclaimed after the Great Schism but was the home to a small population of Kig-Yar. After exploration of the planet, these Kig-Yar discovered an old Covenant research lab. Once they dusted off the equipment, they attempted to put the lab back into operation.

After some time in the laboratory, the Kig-Yar discovered two or more canisters with a yet unidentified bacterial disease or virus. When released, the contained bioweapon left the Kig-Yar with numerous and irregular boil-like lesions covering the skin and severe desiccation resulting in subsequent withering and loss of limb. One of the canisters was taken by an unknown Sangheili twelve hours before the bodies were discovered by the UNSC ship UNSC Infinity. This assumed Jul 'Mdama agent was then tracked by a UNSC drone until he arrived at his hiding place on Ven III.


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In order to snatch the canister from Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and prevent bioterrorism, Captain Thomas Lasky appointed the team of Spartan-IV Gabriel Thorne and Naiya Ray to go to Ven III and retrieve the canister. UNSC Infinity remained in orbit but was ordered to avoid direct engagement if not absolutely necessary.

After the Spartan team arrived, they encountered a small group of Kig-Yar and a Sangheili which jammed their communications. During their skirmish, Thorne was incapacitated with an unknown weapon and taken hostage by the Sangheili who fled in a Ghost. After many hours of tracking the Ghost on foot underground, Ray regained communications with Infinity and reported the abduction. Shortly after, Ray discovered a massive opening in which a massive population of Covenant pirates lived. There were slavers, selling human and Covenant captured alike, and many weapon dealers with both large and small weaponry. While observing the scene and spotting Spartan Thorne's unconscious body, she herself was attacked by a Kig-Yar.